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2/26/13 9:53 A

Thyroid pills are very inexpensive. My insurance won't cover them. I checked the price for a month paying myself. It's around $6.00 a month and it is less expensive for a 90 day supply.

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2/26/13 9:52 A


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2/26/13 9:43 A

good luck to you. Remember lots of people to help you on here.


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2/26/13 9:25 A

Welcome to Spark!! I wish you much luck on your journey!!


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2/26/13 9:12 A

Welcome to Spark People.

Some pharmaceutical companies will help people in need pay for their medicine. Or give it to them for free. I say this because I know people with thyroid issues and the medication makes a huge difference.

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2/26/13 8:30 A

Well I finally decided to go ahead and sign up.

I have been on MyFitnessPal for 2 years and it really has helped but I have fallen out of the rhythm of using it regularly. I have scanned this site and it seems more like what I am looking for to get a jumpstart on my weight loss goals.

I am a full time college student. 22 years old currently at 187 lbs. I left high school at 140lbs in 2009. I didn't weigh myself again until April of 2011 and boy was I SHOCKED! I weighed a whopping 190 lbs! I ended up getting up to 200 lbs around Oct of 2012.

I didn't get to 187 the healthy way, I went through a period of depression and the weight fell off and I got down to 183. I have begun to gain it back and I want to turn it around and do it the healthy way.

I have thyroid problems, but I do not have money for medication at the time. I will be using a treadmill and trying (again) to track all of my calories. I have problems with eating out too often because I am always busy with school and work.

Any support/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

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