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3/23/12 10:25 A

Thanks so much! I had looked on the main menu on their site and there were only 3 choices under 600 calories. Then I remembered how huge their servings are, so I figured I could try to find nutrition info and choose something to eat half of and bring leftovers home. This was super helpful :)

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5/8/11 1:24 P

Thanks for the link. Wish they had the calories for the turkey burger I had at another Dave & Busters recently; I guess they don't offer that item at the NYC location. It's a shame so many restaurants only publish that information when it's required by law.

10/7/10 3:10 P

Thank you for posting the link! I am going to D&B's tonight for a birthday dinner and am happy to have some good options.

BIG_SIS2 Posts: 137
7/16/10 9:28 A

Thanks for posting this information. Going there this weekend and want to stay within a range on calories...

4/18/10 10:54 A

I found this topic by Googling for what's healthy at Dave and Buster's. =) It was super helpful, thanks!

BROWNH14 Posts: 377
4/6/10 4:23 P

I am going tonight so this topic is perfect! It looks like they have a couple of salads that sound really yummy and are very reasonable. Both under 400 calories.

1/3/10 12:23 A

I went to Dave & Buster's tonight, and they've updated their menu -- the newest version of the Times Square one is here:

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LMG047 Posts: 3
9/9/09 11:25 A

Here is a link for Dave and Busters nutrition facts. If the link doesnt work for some reason log onto their website and download their menu from Times has all the nutirion info next to each menu item!

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7/17/09 6:06 P

I haven't been in a few years, but I remember eating grilled salmon with double veggies (hold the rice please) there.

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7/17/09 5:03 P

Thank you SO much for posting that. My SIL just made plans yesterday to go here for my neice and nephews birthday today, I even tried calling head quarters to find this info but got sent to a voice mail (go figure), this helps so much!

4/5/09 10:18 P

Thank you FATFLYGIRL. My boyfriend and I went their yesterday. Sadly, I found this post today. While I enjoyed it, I ate entirely too many calories. I know better for next time tho'.

3/19/09 5:02 P

I found a menu from Dave & Busters that has the calories listed on Google. Here is the link.

2/15/09 1:09 A

I had the chicken Greek Salad, but not sure how many calories.....puh!

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6/4/08 11:59 A

I seem to remember having grilled fish & steamed veggies at D&B's a couple years ago. It was good.

Just checked the menu online - yup, they still have grilled fish or chicken with steamed veggies and rice, if you want to do even better ask for double veggies and hold the rice. Salad with dressing on the side for an appetizer.

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6/4/08 11:43 A

The prizes in the arcade? ;)

I haven't been there in forever... we don't have any up here at all.

All I can suggest is to know your menu watch words... ;)

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6/4/08 10:05 A

My boyfriend and I made plans to goto Dave and busters tonight, and I cannot find nutrition information, ANYWHERE. I need some healthy options so i dont roam endlessly and end up choosing the burger and fries.


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