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5/27/13 10:24 P

Keep up the steady streak, Consistency is key and you are doing great!! emoticon

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5/27/13 8:42 P

If anyone is listening, I am down to 189. Have a bunch more energy. Danger is still there but I have looked it in the eye- and it looks afraid, not me. :)

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4/24/13 12:12 P

I am probably just talking to myself but I am down to 194 today. Just have to say it to someone. emoticon It has been a huge struggle this last few weeks with me going off and then struggling to get back on. This really was a mental thing. Next goal- 190 (halfway there!)

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4/12/13 5:53 P

196.8 after workout today. The closer I keep track of my calories the better it works. This is amazing.

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4/6/13 11:41 A

200 this morning after work out. The system really does work!

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3/22/13 4:27 A

You are doing great.


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3/21/13 11:37 P

204 today- its working! emoticon

NEWT58 SparkPoints: (2,587)
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3/14/13 3:27 P

I would give you self a break skeeter! Nobody I know can loose weight while healing from surgery. You're body has to rebuild itself. Get serious about it in a couple of months....
In the meantime- eat healthy, do your PT and get better. We'll all still be here. :-)

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SKEETER13887 Posts: 386
3/13/13 1:10 P

216 this morning. I tell myself that it is much better than the 230 I started at, but I have seen the scales stalled at 216 for about 2 weeks. Logically I know it is because I am limited in mobility until I heal from my shoulder reconstruction. Emotionally I feel as though I am doing something drastically wrong and I will never succeed. This is where I yell "Danger Will Robinson" because I KNOW that this self-doubt will lead to self destruction!

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3/13/13 12:24 P

206 this morning. I have not been below 205 since Desert Storm. This is scary but good! emoticon Set your phaser on stun!, there may be some (initially) hostile aliens ahead!

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3/12/13 5:51 P

Lost in space was my favorite show as a kid. I just loved it.

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3/11/13 5:15 P

Exactly. I have a big (well not too big) celebration planned when I take of 10% from my max, with will be 22 lbs- just under 200. Eight more pounds to go....

LESLIE2561 SparkPoints: (84,442)
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3/11/13 3:33 P

I kind of know what you mean. I have gone from 243 to 217 and the weight loss has slowed down and I am feeling better, but in my head I won't have really seen a decent weight loss until I am under 200. Maybe if you can set a goal to be under 200 it will give you something to work toward. Then when you reach it you can maybe set 185 as a second milestone. It has to be something that you really want for yourself in order to make it happen. Good Luck! emoticon emoticon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,163
3/11/13 2:14 P

I loved that show, but my favorite movie is still "Forbidden Planet" with Walter Pigeon.

I'm 63 and am reading Richard Bernstein MD "The Diabetes Diet" as I have Insulin Resistance and I've learned so much from his book. He has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 12 and he is a healthy 78 now. He has several books. He says most of his patients are obese and Type 2 diabetics. He says that all obese people are INSULIN RESISTANT. His lectures on Youtube are very interesting.

Insulin is the hormone that stores fat. He says as long as our Insulin level is high, we will NOT burn fat.

NEWT58 SparkPoints: (2,587)
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3/11/13 12:56 P

I feel I'm in my danger zone. I am currently at 208. My fattest is 222, when I really am grossed out about myself. But around this weight my body says "Hey, your doing OK, don't go so fast- and I fail. I have only been below 200 once in the thirty one years I have been married.
My spirits are up.
My weight is peeling off right now.
My energy level is great.
But I sense danger.
Help me get below the big two oh oh!

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