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KEENAN1776 SparkPoints: (3,990)
Fitness Minutes: (3,179)
Posts: 16
8/22/13 8:24 A

Thank you! Noted for next time. I think I have found my rest day activity!

GYPSYGOTH SparkPoints: (91,566)
Fitness Minutes: (65,623)
Posts: 45,364
8/22/13 12:01 A

I use " dancing fast/ballet/twist" for dancing around the living room like a crazy person. A highly recommended activity. emoticon

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (81,497)
Fitness Minutes: (71,788)
Posts: 3,510
8/21/13 8:31 A

Add it under cardio dancing or, my personal catch-all, low impact aerobics.

KEENAN1776 SparkPoints: (3,990)
Fitness Minutes: (3,179)
Posts: 16
8/21/13 6:31 A

Here's a question: how do you track dancing around your living room like a crazy person for thirty minutes? When I tried to type in dancing it gave me all this types and I really don't think I fit any of them. I am a terrible dancer (though I love it, thus the privacy of my living room) and mostly it involves a lot of jumping and spinning. Picture a five year old pretending she is a ballerina. Thoughts? Thank you!

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