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BOOKWORM17 Posts: 9
3/23/10 2:07 P

Thanks for all your advice! I've decided to do a few slow reps with the dumbbells between dance songs - for a change of pace and to tone my upper arms rather than for the extra calorie burn.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
3/23/10 2:10 A

Agree 100% with Mikie. It's far easier to burn way more calories by just adding a couple of minutes, than by doing something like carrying a small weight.

Besides, this article warns against ankle/wrist weights for cardio work -

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3/23/10 1:10 A

Frankly you do not add much in the way of calorie burn, at least not from all that I have read.

A sample of the difference when running, which is roughly equivalent to dancing

Adding weight will allow you to burn more calories per mile, but only about 5-8 calories more per mile for every 10 pounds added.

The ball park is that people burn about 100 calories per mile, so you can think for every 100 calories you were burnning you might add a 3 or 4 calories carring 6 pounds.

This is rough math, and I am taking liberties compare one to the other of unlike things, but it at least gives you some idea.

You could do the same by dancing longer or faster, and leave your hands free to dance.

If you think about how many calories you burn per min. Lets say about 5 - 8 per minute You can burn more callories by adding few more minutes to your routine.

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AUNTGINNY1 Posts: 45
3/23/10 12:55 A

I'm not really sure but i think it 200 more calories just a suggestion instead of using hand held dumbbells get the strap on ones that go on your arms and legs that would be easier

BOOKWORM17 Posts: 9
3/23/10 12:11 A

Dancing at home by myself with or without the Wii game Just Dance is my new favorite exercise. Just today I tried dancing holding 3-pound dumbbells, and it really gave me a workout! Does anyone have a rough idea of how many more calories you burn when dancing with weights?

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