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6/17/13 7:30 P

I love DDR!!! I just dug it out today for the first time in over a year and it gave me a great workout! I play on PS2 and have almost every game they came out with. I used to play on standard mode but figured that would be a little too ambitious today lol. Light mode gave me a killer workout. I figure I'll stick with light for awhile and then work my way back up. What a fun workout :)

URBANK9 Posts: 894
12/1/12 4:34 P

I do! I started with it for the xbox, I had bought an old xbox system (not 360) but then I got a Wii for Xmas a few years ago so now I have all the Wii Dance Dance Revolution games plus I have like 3-4 dance mats now since their games all come with the mats. Too bad I can't fit more than 2 mats in the room at the same time, maybe 3 if people don't mind dancing right next to each other...
Unfortunately my old xbox dance mat stopped working suddenly, and I can't find the same type for same for a reasonable amount of money, it was a nice foam padded one.

I haven't been playing lately though, I really need to get back into that. I wish my friends would come over and play like they used to, last year I had a few friends who came over several times a week to play.

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12/1/12 7:59 A

Like GreenMountain, I use Wii for some of my favorite exercise, especially the personal routine I designed for myself with yoga and strength training. I also use the aerobics on wii fit.

I do want to get Just Dance because my daughter loves it and uses it almost daily.

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11/30/12 7:31 P

I bought this for my son, and we have a blast with it. Simple, fun, great exercise! Love it!

IJOANIE Posts: 351
11/30/12 6:56 P

I thought Dance Dance revolution would be so much fun. So I bought it. But even with the tutorial I could never get the hang on it. I never got points because I always stepped at the wrong timing.
I would have liked it , if I could have figured it out so I could get points.
I ended up giving it away.
I do have just dance for the wii game system but its not as much fun and I hardly use it. I am mostly using the wii fit . There is yoga, balance games, strength and aerobics.
I also use the wii sport, which is bowling or baseball, and the golds gym for wii, which is cardio.

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11/30/12 11:13 A

I used to play this game almost every day for hours back in high school, and i was a twig. I recently bought 2 new dance pads (so i can play with other people too), and it's a lot harder than i remember! (then again, I am 40lbs bigger than when i was in high school). I'm using this game to get some extra cardio in every few days, and it even has a workout mode that tells you how many calories you burned during the song you chose. Honestly, it's so cheap now (especially if you have a PS2 - I got 2 dance pads and a game for $30 on Amazon!)

Anybody else play? Haha. I have 7 different DDR games now, so there's no way I'll get bored with any of the songs.

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