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DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/9/13 12:17 P

I do enjoy Just Dance as well! :) I have one of those games-- The most recent one. I have to say that I like Dance Central better though in terms of body tracking.... But pfffft! Any game that gets you moving and having fun is a good one in my book! Plus the graphics in Just Dance are so snazzy.

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4/9/13 7:32 A

Dance Central is pretty good but... Just Dance is even better! I love that game series, especially for the Kinect.

DATPANNA Posts: 158
4/8/13 10:48 P

I have to say that my main cardio comes from Dance Central on Xbox 360. It is SO much fun-- I can't help it. I LOVE it.

Anyone else enjoy it? Have any other Kinect recommendations?

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