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LIL-VIXEN SparkPoints: (53,462)
Fitness Minutes: (13,560)
Posts: 4,386
11/20/10 8:56 P

Yes, love it.

DANCINGRITA2 SparkPoints: (66,482)
Fitness Minutes: (46,183)
Posts: 4,675
11/20/10 8:47 P

I can honestly say, I would rather dance than eat. If I had a partner and places to go I'd dance two-syep or ballroom everday. I wouldn't have a weight problem. emoticon

STARMIZER2000 SparkPoints: (142,622)
Fitness Minutes: (110,829)
Posts: 2,218
11/20/10 7:58 P

I dance all the time

AFWWTX Posts: 1,870
11/20/10 7:35 P


MOCACHOC SparkPoints: (64,611)
Fitness Minutes: (47,071)
Posts: 3,117
10/28/10 11:55 A

I Love to dance. This I can do. WooHoo

CAM2438 Posts: 4,646
10/28/10 9:48 A

I love to dance!

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,745)
Posts: 5,186
10/28/10 9:12 A

I do this as often as I can.

SKINNYPAT62 Posts: 7,750
10/13/10 1:09 P

I do that everyday! My favorite way to exercise is crank the music and dance! No one can see me (probably a good thing). Rock and roll, here I come! emoticon Dancing to Baby Likes to Rock It right now!

KIMBERLYLUDWIG SparkPoints: (17,120)
Fitness Minutes: (16,480)
Posts: 244
10/13/10 12:30 P

Turn on your radio, or music channel on your t.v.
move your arms, waist, legs, march around, twist, wiggle! Nobody is watching, it's fun it's cardio and you burn calories! HAVE FUN!

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