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TAMSTER12061964 SparkPoints: (868)
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4/29/14 11:42 P

Thank you so much. I found it.

WALNUTT1961 SparkPoints: (113,168)
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4/29/14 3:35 P

Go to your My Nutrition to track your food. Go down to bottom of the page under Snack Totals and there is a drop down box for Track Options. Click that and you should be able to Show Meals. Hope this works for you.

TAMSTER12061964 SparkPoints: (868)
Fitness Minutes: (395)
Posts: 2
4/29/14 12:47 P

Hi I have just started Sparks about a week ago. Since I have been adding the foods I eat, not there menu, I can no longer see the daily menu and would like to be able to either use there menu or my menu. My Question is how do I go about seeing the menu again in my food tracker? Thanks much.

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