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9/11/10 8:39 P

my weight has varied in a day by more than 5 lbs (sometimes i bloat up, not sure why, and it's WAYYY up)....

Weekly weigh ins are best...I do weigh daily but am trying to make sure I do it is going to take effort but is better in the long run...

WOOBIE0902 Posts: 510
9/11/10 8:18 P

I know most insist that weekly weight ins are the healthiest, but I always weigh myself first thing in the morning in the same pajamas before I have even had coffee.

Because I follow a low sodium diet, my weight rarely fluctuates. I know I need to gain some weight and when I dont have access to a daily weigh in, I always lose weight because I overestimate what I am eating and my hunger cues are so out of whack from decades of an eating disorder.

Weighing myself daily forces me to recognize those days when I need to eat more, even if I am not hungry.

Last year at a consignment shop I purchased a never used digital doctors scale that is always as accurate as every scale I have used as various doctors offices. Most importantly, it is always consisttent. If I take 3 readings, they never vary by more than .2 lb.

I would try to take just one daily weigh in at the same time each morning before you have eaten or drank anything. I think you will find more accuracy and consistency in your numbers that way.

Good luck1111

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
9/11/10 3:47 P

i know wii uses the 2lb number, but i've always seen this to be a 5lb daily variation [in any person, not just the large ones, though i would assume that the larger one is, the more variation one can have]. figure that each glass of water you drink weighs half a pound and that's a huge difference right there.
so weigh first thing in the morning, right after going to the bathroom. don't drink water before you weigh. this is going to give you the closest to accurate that you're going to get. because all during the day you're eating and drinking things, and those things have weight. then you figure sweating and otherwise getting them out and you're adding many more variables in there.
then you have to look at a series of weigh ins [and i'm talking once a day at the same time tops, it's better to be looking more on a weekly basis] to see which way the general trend is going. even if you are regularly gaining 4lbs here and there, if you have similar losses throughout the week and you're heading downward, you're in the right direction. because people rarely lose 1lb, then 1.5lbs, then half a pound, then 1lb all in a neat little row. it looks more like lose three pounds, gain four, lose three, lose 1, gain half a pound, lose 2, gain 1, lose 2. the second one is an overall loss though and much more typical of how people lose.

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9/11/10 12:54 P

A weight variation of 4 pounds throughout the day is totally normal. Sometimes, I weigh myself really late at night and weigh 3-5 pounds more but then when I wake up, i'm back to what my ticker says.

So, I have learned to only weigh myself one time in the morning. I know that once a week is best but I still haven't been able to go that long.

Good luck!!


RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
9/11/10 12:48 P

Weekly weigh-ins are better because since your weight fluctuates daily, if you were to weigh yourself everyday, you probably wouldn't get the most accurate readings on the scale.
Try to limit yourself to weekly weighings: For example Sunday mornings before breakfast.

Stuff like some food types can take more than 24 hours for the body to process, salt, fluids and wastes can throw people off thinking they have done something wrong..

Sometimes if weighin daily think over if you have emptied your bowls regularly.. Some people don't go to the toilet daily- this is not abnormal but people differ.. Others can retain alot of fluids due to eating too much salt.. It is fluids and not a true weight gain.. The womens cycle can also throw people off- if you keep a cool head and keep eating correctly the fluids disappear fast and the weight settles down again..

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9/11/10 12:20 P

I know that your weight can easily vary by 2 pounds during the day. If you're a larger person, is it reasonable to expect your weight to vary by twice this amount? It sounds logical to me. I'm a tall male and have a fair amount of weight to lose. I notice my weight currently varies by about 4 pounds during the day.

I'm really just curious. Up until recently, I hardly ever weighed myself, so weighing myself weekly or daily is something new. I'm not focused on this because I can see consistencies in my weight based on the time of day.

The frustrating part until last week, when I bought myself a good scale, was dealing with the other scales available to me that were not consistent. One would vary by much as 2 pound depending on whether you stepped on with your left or right foot first. Another showed that I lost 11 pounds in one week then gained 5 pounds in two days, even when weighing at the same time of day and making sure I stayed hydrated. Now that I have a good scale I don't have these wild variations and can see the difference based on time of day.

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