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7/31/13 11:15 A

I'd wait. I weigh myself daily, but I record my weight for the week by adding up all seven days and taking the average. If there are any weird spikes or drops, those tend to get smoothed over by the other days. If an amount is out by several pounds and only lasts a single day, I'll actually throw it out from my average since in my case it would most likely be something going wrong with the weigh-in (I use a Wii fit, and normally it's pretty accurate, but very rarely it'll give me a reading that's off). If that weird result lasts more than a day, I'll keep it in and let the average take care of itself - it might be a temporary thing, or it might be a big jump leading to a new trend.

The big thing is that a single weight number isn't going to tell you much without seeing what comes after it.

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7/31/13 11:15 A

Ok. Thanks :)

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7/31/13 10:32 A

Wait a couple of weeks for your weight to stabilize before making any changes to your HRM. You may find because of those water weight fluctuations, your weight goes back up.

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7/31/13 9:41 A

I weigh daily, but only officially track it once a week. I know that weight can fluctuate a\day to day and I am not bothered by it. BUT, I weighed myself this morning and I am down about 6 pounds (guessing a combo of water weight and the fact I had a liquid dinner last night).

My question is, should I update my heart rate monitor or just wait until the "official" weigh in day of next week?

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