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CDNNY8DNS Posts: 12
1/30/14 12:51 P

I was just about to post regarding this. How awesome that would be if they added the meals in any of the challenges to the nutrition 'bank'. Even better, if they calculated the calories.
I strongly recommend to SparkPeople that they consider this.


SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
10/3/13 3:24 P

No I am new to all this

TUNERVILLE SparkPoints: (42,003)
Fitness Minutes: (39,095)
Posts: 814
10/3/13 9:48 A

I am going to try this one. But I am there a way to add the foods as planned to the tracker? Or do I need to add each individually?

JUSTICE19 SparkPoints: (11,018)
Fitness Minutes: (25,882)
Posts: 426
10/2/13 5:37 A

I just started this, has anyone tried this before

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/26/13 12:45 A

Hi Stephanie,

thank you. Are you doing it, if yes can I please check in with you if you do not mind?

It would be good to have a buddie on this one...

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (246,119)
Fitness Minutes: (94,560)
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9/25/13 9:45 P

Hello Settimia - If you click on the "Take the Challenge" button, it will show you the categories of the daily activities to give you a better idea.

I know this because I also saw this today and clicked on it ...

Good luck!


SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/25/13 4:56 P

Hi everyone,

who is doing the Daily Tasks for the 30-Day Fit Food Challenge? I have just noticed that it has been added to my daily sparkpoint challenges.

Can anyone tell me more about it, and if they found it effective.

Only been on the site for a month so not sure if I am strong enough to face all the challenges are they difficult to keep to.

Peace and harmony


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