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L-RIOT Posts: 349
1/30/13 8:09 P

I wasn't told by a doc to take any of those pills, I just wanted everything covered.

I am now going to be taking:
1 Centrum Adults Under 50
1 Biotin 2500mg because then I'll be getting 100% and its for my hair
2 Fish Oil 1200 mg and 360 mg OMEGA-3

I returned the other pills thankfully and I bought a scale with the money. Its the first scale that I've ever bought, its a weird feeling! This scale actually tracks your bone weight, along with water weight, bmi, and weight.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/30/13 6:19 P

I know a guy who works for a sewage treatment plant. He says that multivitamins are all over the waste water. A serious pollutant.

I don't take anything personally. I'll chew on a tums once in a while if I have stomach acid ("hunger pangs") but that's it.

SAILOR64 SparkPoints: (19,999)
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Posts: 519
1/30/13 3:34 P


Why are you taking all of these supplements? I reviewed your Sparkpage, looked at your diet for the past few days and your exercise, and I see you are only 10 pounds away from your target weight. Great job!

You don't need all of these pills.
1, You eat meat, so you don't need the B-12.
2. You have plenty of dairy and get plenty of protein, so unless a medical professional prescribed a calcium supplement you don't need that.
3. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin, your diet seems to have plenty of those vitamins as well.
4. Centrum is a multi-vitamin. Read the label. Most of what is in there can be found in the food you eat in sufficient quantities.
5. Probiotic Colon Support = active ingredient is acidophilus. A bacteria found in yogurt. Have a yogurt as your morning snack and another in the evening.

6. Fish Oil supplement - This one I like. A study done at the National Institute of Health showed that most Americans have a lack of Omega-3 Fatty acids. These fatty acids are not manufactured by the body like Vitamin D, they are only taken in through our diet. They are essential to blood cell production, heart health, improved liver function, brain function and provide other health benefits as well. However, they are also scientifically shown to increase LDL (aka bad cholesterol) in the blood stream, so too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

My advice, save your money, get rid of the pills (except the fish oil if you don't eat fish), and make better food choices. Your wallet and your waistline with thank you later.

Good luck.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/30/13 1:24 P

Yes, expensive pee.

Have you been diagnosed as vitamin deficient and needing any of these, or did you just think each was a good idea based on marketing?

A daily general multivitamin is a great idea, especially if consciously making a calorie deficit. For anything further, you should only take what you're actually deficient in. Either get diagnosed formally, or add the vitamins you think you're low on to your tracker and check. Although Vitamin D will come from sunlight, so that's kind of hard to check!

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (283,386)
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1/30/13 12:09 P

Unless you are Vegan (which looking at your nutrition trackers, you are not) then scrap the B12, you will get enough from animal sources and I imagine there is some in your Multi as well anyways.

You are tracking these to look at the levels they give, so surely you can see they are a lot higher than recommended (if you filled out the info not just calories).

I do however take extra D, I started this winter and firmly believe it has helped me with "winter blues"

EXNOLA Posts: 291
1/30/13 11:45 A

Do you need that much calcium and vit D? Most multi vitamins already have those in. Your fish oil may also have vit. D, and if you go outside for long, your body makes it. So, make sure you are not doubling or tripling up on the nutrients.
Have you talked to your doctor about what to take? Mine has advised only calcium for me and I take fish oil or vit. D only in the winter if I am not doing outside for more than 15 minutes or so.

L-RIOT Posts: 349
1/30/13 11:20 A

So, in a normal day, I take:

1 Centrum Adults Under 50
1 B-12 1000mg
1 Biotin 2500mg
1 Up & Up Probiotic Colon Support
1 Up & Up Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D3 400iu
2 Fish Oil 1200 mg and 360 mg OMEGA-3

My question is, am I just making really expensive pee or are these helping me?

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