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-POOKIE- Posts: 15,009
1/31/13 8:28 A

Eating low fat and high carb is far more likely to make you really hungry a lot sooner.

Fat keeps us feeling full, and its necessary for lots of bodily functions, including absorbing some vitamins.

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SKANE0 Posts: 14
1/31/13 8:17 A

I agree. I love the little "pie chart" graph for a quick look at how I'm doing carb/protein/fat wise but I find the more detailed part of the report helpful. I keep track of my calcium, fiber and sodium in addition to the carbs, fats and protein. Very helpful! emoticon

1/31/13 6:03 A

The daily nutrition report is really helpful. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and was eating healthily. However, I now find that I have been eating too much fat and not enough carbohydrate. The differences are not drastic but | am now interested to see whether eating slightly less fat and more carbohydrates will speed up my weight loss. Will let you know.

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