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10/7/11 3:00 P

I think it's probably possible, but I'm not sure I'd recommend anyone eat in that range, ever.

For obese people, losing weight should happen on much more than that. It might be far too much of a caloric deficit, especially if any exercise is done, to eat that low.

For a moderately overweight person it might be somewhat more suitable, but not likely, again especially if there's any exercise at all. Aiming for a pound a week loss, with a 300 calorie a day exercise program, means only 200 calories below BMR+daily activity. And for most people, especially if a little overweight, BMR+activity is going to be around 1600-1800 or so, so 1400-1600 is probably a better intake.

For a slight person looking to lose the last few pounds, I would very strongly recommend eating MUCH higher than that. When there's less to go it goes slowly, so aiming for a small daily calorie deficit is best.

So ... unless someone is moderately overweight and for some reason completely unable to exercise, I would say that's too little food.

The question I'd like to ask is ... why do you think 1200-1300 is a "good" range for you personally? How much research have you done? How much weight do you have to lose, in what time frame?

10/6/11 7:55 P

A supplement is not always a must, but it is often encouraged on a 1200-1300 calorie intake. Usually a supplement like a multivitamin-mineral supplement: One A Day, Centrum, or similar store brand.

Using MyPlate for breakfast, lunch and dinner; one can stay in the range of 1200-1300 calories if lowfat choices are made within the food groups. And one must limit the amount of starchy veggies OR substitute them for a grain portion. For breakfast, it is usually part of the plate (veggies are often not included). Depending on food selections, there may also be room for one small snack.

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10/6/11 7:10 P

I'd like to get your thoughts......
Is it possible to stay within a 1200-1300 calorie intake and also:
Meet the MyPlate guidelines (Protein, Fruits, Veg etc)
Meet daily vitamins/minerals needs. (B12, Calcium etc)

Or, do you think no matter how healthy your choices are, a supplement is a 'must' at this calorie range?

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