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KRISTENM1964 Posts: 34
11/30/11 5:32 P

Try the library too. I get a lot of them there and you can try out a bunch of different instructors to find one you like.

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11/30/11 10:49 A

Thanks for the input. I found a Billy Blanks Jr. one on netflix I 'm going to try. Also found one by Kendall Hogan on On Demand that I like.

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DEE0973 Posts: 1,517
11/30/11 10:44 A

Exercise TV on demand is free and has lots of variety which changes from month to month. I love Chris Freytag's workouts, Jackie Warner, Taebo. I enjoy Jillian's workouts as well

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11/29/11 1:16 P

There is a thread on here you should check out... search for "Best workout DVDs" (I think) and it has some great suggestions!!

You can always find new things OnDemand and Netflix if you have access to either of those.

Now hear me out... But I love there is a Carmen Electra DVD that I love. It's the one called "Fit to Strip" and there is nothing to do with striptease in it. But Michael Carson lays out a good workout in it that I love to do! I don't really like her other DVDs, but this one I held onto! You already mentioned my other fav... the 30 Day Shred!! (Gotta love Jillian!!)


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11/29/11 12:06 P

i personally love ana cuban's pilates and yoga tapes/dvds. i love the background and her personal story is inspiring.
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11/29/11 11:55 A

I need some ideas for new work out dvd's. I'm kind of limited to exercising indoors in the winter. I have 2 of Leslie Sandsone's walking dvd's, 2 biggest looser dvd's, Jillian miachels 30 day shred and a very very old Tae Bo vhs tape.
Any sugestions?

Living in Wisconsin but a Colorado girl at heart!
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