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DAWN123KELLY SparkPoints: (33,948)
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5/26/14 7:01 A

Kathy Smith. I have Kathy Smith's Winning Workout and Step Workout. Both were on VHS but I had them converted to DVD by a family member. She does sell them on DVD now and has way more. She is great. Have always really liked her videos.

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
5/26/14 2:20 A

I always liked The Firm videos. I say "videos" because it's been that long since I've used them as I moved overseas. I still have each one packed away though! They offered a great mix of cardio and weights that I really liked doing.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,370)
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5/23/14 12:28 P

I absolutely love Turbo Fire and there are modifications to do low-impact so you don't have to jump at all (which honestly sometimes by the end my legs are too tired to jump!!!) and then ChaLEAN Extreme for weights. Chalene Johnson does both and I absolutely LOVE her spunky personality a lot better than any Jillian I have done!

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
5/22/14 7:22 A

Thank you. It is good (and it is healthy) to mix it up.

I have to do intense but definitely low impact cardio practically all the time, and even in the genre I do all the time; once in a while there is a point of diminishing returns. As far as cardio (but more all around fitness) goes--I stick several cardio dance videos in that category ...

LASTXAROUND SparkPoints: (14,048)
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5/21/14 11:27 P

Any of the Tony Horton DVD's. I like to mix them in with yoga and pilates. Then there's the Insanity program. Wow! What a killer!

TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
5/21/14 8:54 A

A discussion on "favorite 'go-to' DVD's" has "Sparked" this question:

I would love to hear from people who have dvd's in low rotation, but who do not give up 100% on those DVDs ... and will still use them from time to time ...

Do any of you, for instance--if you are anything like me--who are attracted to the more hard-core (but still into mind-body); also think Exhale Core Fusion is really a killer workout? Maybe TOO killer?

I also have this one pilates workout download that is in that same category to me (a world-class video star who has fallen out of general favor, so I don't mention her here ...)

What are your examples ...

I don't really want to see Jillian, Jillian, Jillian in this thread ... I don't even CONSIDER doing her -- so, try to talk about workouts being harsh or too easy rather than the personality of the teacher, so much ...

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