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CHIPPEE Posts: 8,697
10/8/10 9:26 P

I also use Lean Cuisines a few times a week. Once again, they're high in sodium, so have to watch what else I eat that day.

10/8/10 9:24 P

I don't use them because of the sodium and I like vegetables cooked from scratch. Rarely, I have eaten one in a pinch and I added fresh vegetables.

Are you tracking your food and activity?

TSUNFIRESE2001 Posts: 305
10/8/10 9:19 P

healthy choice and lean cusine but watch the sodium content. some are terrible for you

U2CUSE16 SparkPoints: (54,171)
Fitness Minutes: (42,516)
Posts: 760
10/8/10 9:17 P

I like Lean Cuisine for the most part. I eat a few during the week. they help also when I've had a day or two when my eating/portions were out of whack

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CANEY3 Posts: 427
10/8/10 9:11 P

I like SmartOnes. What I like the most is the portion control. Also purchase Jenny Craig

10/8/10 9:07 P

Occasionally. I really enjoy some of the new Healthy Choice Steamers.

DEBBIE_J Posts: 1,111
10/8/10 9:03 P

only as an absolute last resort

10/8/10 8:39 P

I have a lean cuisine for dinner every night. I am not a fan of cooking and being a young single girl I'm only cooking for 1. And I feel like I'm eating "real" food, not "diet" food.

NSBOWEN Posts: 1,763
10/8/10 8:22 P

I eat Lean Cuisine or SmartOnes when I don't have left over dinner to take. There a bit high in sodium which can hinder weight loss.

ATZIONCH Posts: 1,346
10/8/10 8:12 P

I usually take a Lean Cuisine to work, easy & quick!

MAUREENV2 Posts: 3,853
10/8/10 7:46 P

I try to stay away from them because of so much sodium. Besides, I can eat more food if I prepare it myself because my veggies taste better than theirs.

GGSTIME Posts: 12
10/8/10 7:24 P

Not too often, but I keep Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers ones on hand for times when I get home late and am starving and tired. It beats the alternative to eating too many calories or something unhealthy.

10INPROGRESS Posts: 169
10/8/10 7:14 P

I used to when I was working it was something easy to carry for lunch I would just add a banana or apple with it and a drink and I was set to go. Now I really don't indulge in those, I try to as do much home cooking as possible. emoticon

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KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
10/8/10 7:10 P

Years ago when I was single and didn't have kids I did, but not anymore.

PANSYLADY2 Posts: 5,055
10/8/10 6:56 P

I have in the past, but this time around, I am sticking to food I prepare myself or good restaurant food. I keep a couple of diet-type tv dinners in the freezer for emergencies, though.

TWOOFTHREE Posts: 1,138
10/8/10 6:54 P

I stay away from processed foods and foods with preservatives and added extras.

LUZON49 Posts: 684
10/8/10 6:18 P

I do

KELLYLEIP Posts: 405
10/8/10 5:46 P

Well the weight watchers Lean Cuisines or along those lines. Every minute I take to cut up veggies and eat fresh is one minute less I have to exercise and time is already limited. Plus they help you count calories so much easier.

JAZZYONE53 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,072)
Posts: 1,268
10/8/10 4:57 P

I eat Healthy Choice Lean Cuisine and Smart One's.

Preceeded with Salad followed with dessert of Yogurt.

I'm always full. emoticon

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ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
10/8/10 4:49 P


10/8/10 4:47 P

Every month or two I get a craving for tv dinners but I throw in extras.
I love to eat the lean cuisine sesame chicken and just throw extra grilled chicken. I get my craving out of the way and the protein makes the numbers bearable! The salt is way too much for me but every now and than... can't hurt!

GIRLABELLUM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (795)
Posts: 17
10/8/10 2:52 P

Ugh... growing up with home cooked meals, I can't stand TV dinners of any kind. For a while I literally measured my portion sized and got used to how they look on my plate. Now I can (most of the time) eyeball it and know how much I'm eating.
I also don't typically do 'low fat' or 'diet' choices simply because I'm trying to eat as naturally healthy as possible.

BETZYGIRL Posts: 1,188
10/8/10 2:29 P

I haven't done it, but my mom's cardiologist had her use healthy choice dinners twice a day for a month so her eyes would learn to recognize what really constitutes a "portion". She lost weight:)

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SONICB Posts: 4,339
10/8/10 2:18 P

Not trying to lose weight, but I do love how they are low-cal and some of them are just sooo good (butternut squash ravioli?!?!?! *drool*)! My only concern with them is the sodium content.

BEY220 Posts: 5,007
10/8/10 2:08 P

here and there, I'm thinking about swinging by Wal-mart or Target to pick up a few since I'll be at "work" next week finally!

JANLUCY Posts: 1,524
10/8/10 1:47 P

Oh yes! Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine are my favorites and they run under $2 each in my local Walmart. Even if they are "off" on the calorie count, it can't be that much because since I started using them, I not only feel better but my weight is steadily dropping.
My problem with home-cooked meals is that hubby does a lot of the cooking and loves to add butter, cheese, sauces etc to many foods! I try to figure out the calories but it was a chore some days!

I work long shifts (twelve to twenty-four hours at times) and going to the store or cooking meals is often not an option for me at work. Taking a Healthy Choice meal or two depending on the length of my work day, and some healthy snacks like fresh fruit, yogurt or string cheese, has really helped me stick to my calorie program.

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TERILM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,670)
Posts: 147
10/8/10 12:57 P

I do after checking the calories, protein, etc. But I make my family a "regular" dinner and then I'll heat up mine so I eat with them.

MACKANDME Posts: 6,104
10/8/10 12:48 P

Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones

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White Phoenix
10/8/10 12:36 P

home made tv dinners

Bob from Cape Cod
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10/8/10 12:30 P

My family would think that I sent them to prison! They're spoiled. I love to cook, and I must do a pretty good job of it since it's put the weight on all of us. I've learned to slim down ingredients and portion sizes though. For quick meals, I freeze my own casseroles, soup, veggies, etc. They are just as easy and fast to microwave as a frozen dinner. Frozen dinners are not cheap either, and they contain a ton of salt and other chemicals that I can't even pronounce!

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10/8/10 12:25 P

I like the Lean Cuisine pizza breads. They are filling and pretty tasty.

HEWIES Posts: 1,000
10/8/10 11:17 A

I keep quite a few when I get them on a special (less than $2 for Healthy Choice). Intersperse them with homemade meals.

DIAMORROW1 SparkPoints: (111,196)
Fitness Minutes: (72,970)
Posts: 2,761
10/8/10 10:51 A

Nope they are just not enough to keep me satisfied then I will be grazing at the fridge door.

CHER321 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (42,025)
Posts: 3,659
10/8/10 10:51 A

I eat Lean Cuisine and Smart One's somtimes, when I'm tired.

CATIEMARIE Posts: 2,313
10/8/10 10:50 A

No, I find tv dinners never fill me. I would eat one and then look for something else to eat. For the money, they just are not worth it. I go for stuff I make myself.

THERESACHANGED SparkPoints: (37,957)
Fitness Minutes: (68,049)
Posts: 1,330
10/8/10 10:45 A

I eat Lean Cuisine about 2-3 times a week for lunch. I really like the spa cusine line (Chicken Pecan, Peanut/Thai Chicken, etc.). They are high in sodium, but I track that and it all works out if you're watching it. I don't do them for dinner, but they work well for a quick lunch at work. I usually round them out with a piece of fruit or veggie (have celery/carrot sticks today).

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MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,447
10/8/10 10:43 A

I don't - instead I make "extra" of whatever I am cooking and freeze them

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ESMOMMY13 SparkPoints: (38,991)
Fitness Minutes: (26,283)
Posts: 3,988
10/8/10 10:42 A

I have in the past. I am a teacher and they make a great lunch. Unfortunately, I am the left over eater for the family and so I have stopped buying them (saves us money) and either eat our healthy left overs or soup/sandwhiches.

SANDYBRUNO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (58,466)
Posts: 13,007
10/8/10 10:41 A

Healthy Choice dinners are not high in sodium. I like them and I also like The Smart Ones from Weight Watchers.

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EMP1979 Posts: 398
10/8/10 10:39 A

I limit them to about 2 a week, since my job & personal life are so demanding, some days it's the easiest solution.

10/8/10 10:38 A

Agree that frozen and processed foods are not a good idea for healthy eating, lean cuisine and lean pockets are better than others.

RANNA57 SparkPoints: (30,935)
Fitness Minutes: (27,558)
Posts: 2,008
10/8/10 10:31 A

I eat the Lean Cuisine Pizzas for lunch occassionaly. They keep my spice and pizza crave down.

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10/8/10 10:13 A

Its cheaper by far to cook your own food than to get the ready made. I'm thinking of eating oatmeal for dinner for a week to see if that will help me lose a little weight. I run into trouble if I allow myself to much choice at dinner and afterwards.

CONNIERC1 Posts: 623
10/8/10 10:07 A

I don't...yikes! They are full of sodium and other ingredients that your body really doesn't want. I think they should only be used occasionally.

WUAKOS SparkPoints: (80,498)
Fitness Minutes: (51,633)
Posts: 1,619
10/8/10 10:04 A

I like them for portion control especially at lunch time it is very convenient for me to have one.

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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,976
10/8/10 9:56 A

No, because I've found that they have too much sodium.

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ERINEC11 Posts: 603
10/8/10 9:42 A

I've used them before to kind of jumpstart. Just because it was something easy, available, and controlled. But I know I get bored of them, so I would say, ok, I'll do tv dinners for a week or two, and then by then, my body is usually in check for portion control and things like that, so I can just start making my own healthy food.

KALVINS_MAMA Posts: 2,657
10/8/10 9:31 A

Eating those meals is not a good idea. I seen a show where they are allowed to be off my 20% of what package says,say something is one hundred calories they can say it has only 80. Plus some were way, way off. There were some that said 480 calories but they really had over 1000. There were a few that had fewer calories then the box said. That is not the way to go my friend. Not when they are allowed to be off by 20 percent and obviously not being checked enough to see if they are even more off. They said this is number one reason why people can't understand why they are not losing weight then they get frustrated and throw in the towel. They had several brands doing this, so I say they all do it. Home cooking is best with portion control and exercise. I lost 13 lbs in one month but I know it will probably slow down after that. I weigh again the 17th and know it will be something, I can feel the loss. I hope your consider changing how you eat so you an know exactly what you are eating plus you can save money. If you are finding it hard to find time to cook then cook several things on a day off or when you have time. Portion the foods into baggies and freeze them so the next time all you have to do is grab, heat and eat. Good luck, I wish you the very best!

Edited by: KALVINS_MAMA at: 10/8/2010 (09:32)
CRITTERLOO Posts: 1,183
10/8/10 8:20 A

Not to lose weight, no... for sustenance, yes - but not for a particular weight loss goal

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
10/8/10 8:15 A

I have been doing Healthy Choice tv dinners for a long time to keep calories @1200 daily only losing 1-3 lbs a month . Last month i stayed the same! Was not happy any suggestions? How are you succeeding ? emoticon

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