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4/28/11 4:25 A

yes, it keeps me focused on my goal for the week although I think as I get further into my journey when losses may be harder to come by I'll probably use it less often.

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4/28/11 2:55 A

I used to weigh daily, but found that I used to get really sad if it didn't give me back good results or results I expected to have...then instead of get motivated I got sadder and ate a lot! Leaving the scale and depending on my clothes to tell me how I am doing has helped a lot!

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4/28/11 1:02 A


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4/27/11 3:08 P

NO way...used to but it was WAY too frustrating and my mood was alter in a bad way. Now, I'm weighing only once a week and now I don't "hate" the scale so much.

DDSMITH66 Posts: 201
4/27/11 12:34 P

No, I find it too discouraging, as it is very possible to show a gain from one day to the next. I think you get a more accurate total if you only weigh in once a week.

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4/27/11 12:26 P

Yes but I only track weekly.

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4/27/11 11:51 A

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4/27/11 8:33 A


GUCCIBEAR Posts: 922
4/27/11 8:32 A

Yes, it helps keep me focused on my plan for the day. It's my motivator to get up and workout.

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4/27/11 8:23 A


KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
4/27/11 8:19 A

nope, no point!!

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4/27/11 8:17 A

I agree with SP_COACH_NANCY. We can let the scale control our lives too much. If I stepped on the scale in the morning and it is up, I was down for the day and if it was down, I was up. I decided not to weigh in daily because there were other things I needed to focus on. How I feel, how much energy I have and how my clothes fit all have an effect on how I feel. I haven't gotten rid of the scale, I still weigh in weekly just to ensure I am on track, however I do not let it control my emotions and my life any more.

For the first year on this journey however I needed the scale. Once it started moving down, I used it as inspiration to keep doing what was working. It was only as I got closer to my goal weight, which I may never reach, that it started to have a negative impact on me. At that point I learned not to step on the scale daily and to begin to rely on the other indicators. Right now I have a balance that works for me. I hope you can find one as well.

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4/27/11 8:08 A


I think this is very individual. In other words, what works for one person, may or may not work for me. I do not own a scale, nor have I have for almost 4 years now. The reason, the scale became the be-all, end-all of how I viewed my success.

I had to realize that regardless of the number, I am always going to have to exercise and eat healthy. That does not mean perfection, either. I integrate foods that I love into my diet and I found exercise that I enjoy so that I no longer view it as a chore or punishment.

When I discovered that our weight can vary by as much as 7 pounds in the course of a single day was when I knew the scale cannot measure anything but my weight. It cannot measure my health or fitness. Being a normal weight does not equate to being healthy.

I wish you well!

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
4/27/11 2:54 A

I have went back and forth with this issue . I use to get weighted once a month while i stayed in the 1200 calorie range and got afraid i'd gain so i though once a week but if i eat in restraunts or anything high sodium a day or two before the scales will be up 2-3 lbs so i'm afraid of that . Some say give it 5 and get weighted daily as long as you are under that 5 lb range don't worry about it . What do you think ? emoticon

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