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11/14/09 11:31 P


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11/13/09 8:37 P


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11/10/09 7:52 P


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11/9/09 7:20 P


11/8/09 3:48 P

My husband and I go to the movies and eat at least once a week. This time alone is great, cause I can give my undivided attention to him without being kids around.

DIABETIC123 Posts: 496
11/7/09 10:21 P

spending time with my boyfriend is a life time of love. It's the world of love when people got others to support each other in their lives. emoticon

BOLTERR Posts: 490
11/7/09 5:37 P

Since ive been ordered not to workout this weekend me and my boyfriend are doing housework together:)

CATIEBELLE Posts: 7,743
11/7/09 12:36 P

No because he is a truck driver and isn't home but on the road.

DIANE1253 SparkPoints: (429,615)
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11/7/09 9:21 A

We are planning to play (raking) the leaves today with the dogs and get our yard ready for winter. We are also going to plan the yard out for our Christmas decorations.

It is giong to be a sunny warm fall day

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
11/7/09 8:40 A


DIANE1253 SparkPoints: (429,615)
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11/6/09 8:25 P

We just got home from dinner. We both had only salad all my veggies

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
11/6/09 8:17 P


DIANE1253 SparkPoints: (429,615)
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11/4/09 7:40 A

We watched a new show last night, V and our favorite Dancing with the Stars Results. Then he fell asleep on the

MESSENE Posts: 4,860
11/4/09 6:46 A

All the time. emoticon emoticon

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
11/3/09 10:56 P

Not too much today -- he works part-time in the evenings -- but we got in our gym time!

BIGMOMMA60 Posts: 235
11/2/09 3:15 P

small amount of time

DIANE1253 SparkPoints: (429,615)
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Posts: 28,847
11/2/09 7:00 A

NO....he wanted to watch football.
So I caught up on my sparkle reading

MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
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11/2/09 6:47 A

I had a wonderful Sunday with my Hubbie and Grandson.

FITZPAD Posts: 52
11/1/09 8:46 P

yes...but during the week is a challenge.

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
11/1/09 5:37 P

Actually right now! He's watching football and I'm typing -- but we're in the same room! More than during the week due to work schedules and life in general! So, grab those times when you can everyone! Just by being in the same room -- you're there for the other and you're together!

ALICIA_S Posts: 419
10/31/09 10:31 P

No real time together today.


10/31/09 2:43 P

Today and every day... we found each other 5 years ago and we enjoyed each others company right from the start. He isn't the first but he is definitely the last! I can't imagine being happier!

10/29/09 12:59 P

thursday are hard for us because he works all day and i scrapbook on thursday night but we make sure to text each other throughout the day and he always calls on his lunch break

10/29/09 8:34 A

In my heart. The only way left.

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/28/09 9:50 P

Sounds great, Mary! And, my hubby and I are having our time right now -- just by being in the same room and watching a movie! It's the closeness and knowing the other is next to you that is so great!

MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
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10/28/09 6:41 A

After he got home from work yesterday, we had a lovely evening together. Hoping the same will happen today.

10/28/09 1:14 A

Mobsters 2 this morning together.

My partner and I found a geeky game on facebook that we can play together. It only takes one hand so baby can be with us too. It's just nice to spend time doing something and not just talking about the stresses of life. We also work opposite shifts, so at least we are interacting in some way each day, even if it's just through an online game.

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/27/09 10:34 P

Yes, in a few minutes! He just got home from work!

PENELOPE0831 Posts: 235
10/27/09 9:36 P

My husband and I joke that we're like two single parents who live in the same house...our schedules are almost exactly opposite.

MESSENE Posts: 4,860
10/27/09 7:40 A

Yes emoticon emoticon

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/26/09 9:50 P

Right now -- just watching TV -- but at least it is "our" time!

10/22/09 11:36 P

i tried to

BRENDA7801 Posts: 76
10/22/09 12:25 P

He's been out of town since Sunday. He'll be back tonight!!! emoticon

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/21/09 10:49 P

That's too bad, hun! I spent a bit of time with my hubby this evening -- between him running up and down the basement steps to his computer room! He loves computers and there are times when I see him in the evening and times when he is just a blur! But I know he's working on a project, etc., so it's okay with me.

TRINIKA1 Posts: 80
10/21/09 4:18 P

No we are not together right now and it is breaking my heart.

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/19/09 8:26 A


MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
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10/18/09 12:39 P

Yep, even had morning coffee together.

LOCOAN Posts: 598
10/18/09 10:51 A

We had breakfast with the lil one in the middle

MESSENE Posts: 4,860
10/18/09 8:16 A

My husband stays home now, since he has retired from work early. He gets to help out with home schooling my daughter as well, which is nice. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Fitness Minutes: (4,215)
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10/17/09 3:39 P

Never get time alone. Don't know I want it, but I do think in the years past, it might of helped.

KMGARZA SparkPoints: (6,194)
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Posts: 106
10/17/09 2:15 P

About 10 minutes when he got home at 4:30am then about 5 minutes when I woke him up to ask him a question. Won't get any real time with him until Monday, hopefully.

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/16/09 8:07 P

Will be soon -- it's movie night with the hubby!

MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,805
10/16/09 7:25 A

Having some trouble fittin in enough together time.

ROCKYMTNS99 Posts: 149
10/15/09 11:18 P

At least we get to eat dinner together with the little one.

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/15/09 10:12 P

With work schedules as they are, it's tough some times -- but we're here together watching TV tonight!

TERRIJ7 Posts: 13,109
10/15/09 1:20 A

As soon as I get finished here, he's all mine!

TAMARA00 Posts: 14
10/14/09 9:16 A

Yesterday about 15 minutes between his PNZ meeting and bookeeping.

Today... who know's we will see this evening.

MARYSUPPORTS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,351)
Posts: 1,805
10/14/09 6:47 A

Not near enough, but I am working on it.

ROCKYMTNS99 Posts: 149
10/13/09 11:47 P

I wish...early morning...late commute home...late dinner...cranky baby in crib who is now in bed with momma...exploding milk/yogurt shake in our bed...I'm on PC so, no :(

MOMMA48 Posts: 605,968
10/10/09 11:03 P


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