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1/7/14 10:16 P

Good for you! Sounds like you are doing things right: making small changes that you can live with that can grow into a new healthy life!

Keep up the good work!

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1/7/14 8:35 P

Thank you :-)


1/7/14 8:33 P

And congratulations on your 3 year streak!

1/7/14 8:32 P

Thank you much Kris!

I totally agree and I am make small changes for now. Like just trying to remember to drink water daily, making good food choices, just doing cardio for 20 min about 3 times weekly. I have to get this right this time, and the trick for me is baby steps that will lead to a gradual life change. OH...and of course not compulsively weighting myself :):)

I so appreciate your guidance!!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (240,496)
Fitness Minutes: (41,019)
Posts: 26,394
1/7/14 8:03 P

............. and so you should be :-)

Just make sure that you aren't doing too many changes all at once, tho', because that is one of the main reasons people tend to slip up. Gradual changes are the way to get there and STAY there (3 years maintaining :-)


1/7/14 7:50 P

I'm so proud of me:)!!

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