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3/24/13 11:12 A

I have no comment on the diet plan itself (I'm not diabetic, and don't do diets) but I will say they desperately need a website update. It looks terrible! LOL.

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3/23/13 5:31 P

There is a team now! Check it out!

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3/23/13 3:08 P

I was in a wt loss study at a nearby university last year and we did DASH, along with Tai Chi and many of the ladies lost wt and improved their blood pressure.
We did not do the 'phases' at all.
It is the #1 recommended diet today.
I can't believe there's not a team for it!
Best wishes.

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3/23/13 1:57 P

Is anyone out there doing this program? I love it! I have lost 8 pounds in the first week of phase 1 and, after the first three days of cargo-detox, I feel great!

I feel so great I wanted to join a Spark Team for this plan, but alas there is not one! So I started one! If you are interested in joining me in this newly created team, check it out -The DASH Diet -Weight Loss Solution Spark team at

If you want to check out the DASH Diet yourself go to

Here's to good nutrition!

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