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4/29/14 6:50 P


Thank You. I mostly use an Octane..xRide, walk on the treadmill or, ride bike. emoticon

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4/29/14 12:08 P

What you are planning on doing is what I already do.

I do not eat processed food. I eat low sodium (1500 a day is mine as well). I make my own food from whole ingredients, thereby controlling my sodium intake. I just read all labels for sodium content - add it to your tracker. I have to google a lot of foods (add to favourites in tracker) that have no labels - like cheeses that can be high in sodium.

Chicken. Beware.

I make my own sauces, dressings (controlling sodium). I do not use canned veggies or tomato sauces (sodium) I buy frozen veggies, or dried beans and lentils (I love lentils!!!). I use a ton of spices for flavour. It's spring - start an herb garden (even windowsill) with thyme, sage, rosemary, basil, chives, parsley, etc.

I rarely eat bread (whole grain only), I do eat a piece of pizza once in a while from a local pizzeria (they make the dough and sauce). Once a month I guess. The sodium is very high (over 700mg for a slice of cheese).

You certainly do not need to eat bread, pasta, cake, crackers, pretzels, etc. I don't eat any of that jazz. I do slow carb (low gi foods
), legumes, beans, barley, veggies, apples, nuts. I also rarely eat meat, I am right now about 95% vegetarian. The only peanut butter I eat is Crazy Richards. The only ingredient is peanuts. No salt or anything else added...just peanuts.

So, I guess I'm wheat free - except for the occasional bread and pizza.

I have no need, however, for gluten free. It makes no sense for me.

4/29/14 11:31 A

701Jack - what do you do for cardio?

i don't drink alcohol. That was a huge drop in your bp, congratulations!

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4/29/14 10:18 A

Nobody's mentioned this but, I think abstaining from alcohol has really improved my bp#'s.
Please don't think I insinuate that you drink or drink too much. I did and am now abstaining.

That along with trying to eat clean.
Half hour of cardio per day.
We have an infra-red sauna that I've been trying to use (sweat) 30 minutes per day.
Plenty of water.

Has brought my bp down enough in about 6 weeks to be taken off meds.

I went from 140's/90ish on meds. to like 120's/60ish off meds.

I also searched "foods that help lower bp" and got some great ideas.

You've gotten some very good responses to your OP, I'm going to follow this thread with interest. emoticon

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4/29/14 9:53 A

I haven't cut out wheat/flour 100%, but I have cut back by about 90%. Instead of eating bread and pasta, I have extra protein, salads, and other green veggies. Been doing this for 3 years now and have lost and kept off over 40 pounds. Best thing I ever did for myself. No, I don't have celiac but wheat is clearly not kind to my body. Since I cut it back, my energy levels rose and my labwork numbers have improved dramatically. I still go out to eat a few times a week and very much enjoy my food. I just found tweaks that work for ME.

You're on the right path, keep experimenting and logging your food! Good luck!

4/28/14 11:33 P

One of my friends followed DASH very carefully. Over the next 6 months she lost 15lbs and her pb was in the normal range. She has a high stress career and family so she makes sure to walk everyday and that helps too.

One thing to remember that with the carbs, most bagels are giant and 1/2 is more than enough. She found she ate a whole one because it was there.'

I have hypertension 1 and lowered my numbers from 152/77 to 143/76in the past 2 months. I started a couple mile walks during the week and I also take the same length walk in the evening and on some weekends I do more. I don't track or count the evening or weekend walks. For me it's mental time instead of exercise time.

I try not to eat out. Eating out is terrible for keeping sodium under 1500. Eating out does not work at all.

Finally, I have a desk job. I get up every hour and go to the fire stairwell. I found the railing on the ground floor makes a great ballet bar and I do some simple stretches. Almost no one uses the stairs so I'm alone.

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4/28/14 8:47 P

I already track my sodium and try to stay as close to 1500 mg a day as possible per my doctor's instructions. I've been adopting the "clean eating" lifestyle and part of that is cutting out processed foods, i.e. bread, pasta, etc. unless it is 100% whole grain, which I am not a huge fan of mostly because of the taste/texture of the food, so it makes sense for me to go wheat-free or at least greatly reduce the amount I eat since it would mostly be refined anyway. I've read Wheat Belly and the evidence in the book's reviews speaks for itself in terms of the health benefits of cutting out wheat. I may or may not cut it out completely, I haven't made that determination as of yet, but I AM going to experiment with it. I can get the nutrients in wheat from other sources, and that's exactly what I've been trying to do. If we never try anything new, we will never know whether or not it's effective. That said, is there anyone who is both low-sodium (DASH or otherwise) or wheat/gluten-free that can give me some pointers?

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4/28/14 9:33 A

Excessive sodium consumption can contribute to high blood pressure so start tracking your sodium intake on Spark's nutrition page.

Eating just 1 cup of strawberries or blueberries each week can reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. The new findings appear in the February issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Some studies now indicate that extra virgin olive oil may help to lower blood pressure, and shown to reduce the incidence of colon., breast and skin cancers. Extra virgin olive oil is high in polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants & monounsaturated fats which contributes to lowering bad cholesterol.

Raw vegetables lower blood pressure...flavoring your food with lemon, cumin, pepper, garlic powder, oregano and other herbs instead of salt will reduce sodium

Avoid products that contain large amounts of sodium, such as MSG, baking soda, soy sauce, cured meats and pickled foods

Instead of soy sauce use Kitchen Bouquet Browning is low in sodium. ( Walmart)

Consult your physician before using salt substitutes with potassium chloride better to get Salt Free Mrs. Dash seasonings, there are several kinds

Here are more tips
Onions lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure
Asparagus is a good source for Vitamins A, C, K, Folic Acid. Just 25 calories for 8 spears these spears will naturally detoxify your body....lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Cauliflower, Celery, string beans, spinach, avocados

Medical reports and journals often say that eating nuts like pistachios, almonds and walnuts is very good for the heart and it helps in keeping the blood pressure under control. People suffering from high blood pressure should consume nuts daily. They are a high source of saturated fats and antioxidants, both are considered good for the heart.

Salmon, cod, tuna and halibut are excellent sources of potassium which is good for the blood. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids which keeps the heart healthy. Fish is the best example of foods that lower blood pressure quickly...

In a 2006 study at the University of Paisley, Scotland, people who had sex at least once over a 2-week period had lower blood pressure than those who engaged in no sexual activity, and their blood vessels responded better to stress.

Pistachios They lower cholesterol and blood pressure, help to reduce stress, breakdown proteins from meats into amino acids. They also help create a sense of fullness. 28 pistachios can do the trick. 47 pistachios are about 160 calories.

Combined with a low fat diet, flaxseed can help control Blood Pressure and enjoying sesame seeds may also lower blood pressure. I put them on everything....salads, veggies, in oatmeal, cereal...whatever. Aim for 1 Teaspoon of flaxseed daily in your salad, yogurt, daisy 2%cottage cheese, or cereal

This is what helped me.....You can check out these recommendations with you health care professional as I am sure they can verify the benefits.

Try to walk at least 11 minutes a day...that will help reduce belly fat....

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4/27/14 7:46 A

There is no need to give up wheat/gluten unless you have an allergy to wheat, have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant.

The DASH diet is a great eating plan, perhaps you will find this helpful:

Other things to help with lowering blood pressure is:
achieving and maintaining a healthier weight
stop smoking if you are a smoker
daily exercise when approved by your doctor
the other beneficial items that are involved with the diet are contained in the DASH diet (sodium, calcium, potassium, fiber, etc)

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/27/14 7:41 A

I'd have to agree... unless you have a bonafide medical reason to cut out the wheat-- it makes no sense to further restrict your eating by eliminating wheat. I'll say though, that since I've been tracking my food... I eat less wheat than I used to. An open-faced sandwich, instead of 2 slices of bread. Brown rice with my meal, instead of a dinner roll. If you picture "my plate" or the plate examples they give you with DASH (which pretty much is the same thing as "my plate") it shows bread/starch (could be rice, pasta, potato, corn, peas, bread, rolls) are 1/4 of the plate. So it's one or the other, not both. Fairly easy to eat less wheat overall if you sub in one of the other things.

I follow DASH-- I think it's a great "diet" (as in, a way of eating, not necessarily for weight reduction) although you can find various eating plans within DASH, for weight loss.

If you hover your cursor over "Articles & Videos" at the top of the page, it brings up a drop-down box. Put your cursor on "Condition Centers"; bring up a list. Click on "High Blood Pressure". Spark has a whole section specifically for this. You can change your Nutrition Tracker to the Healthy Heart version, too.

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4/27/14 3:49 A

You shouldn't need to cut out wheat/gluten at all. A lot of people read a theory and take it as a fact. Unless you have a health issue and have been instructed to cut it out (wheat allergy or Celiac which is to gluten) then I would continue to consume it. Just make sure that it is the non-processed form, meaning no added sodium.

What is your sodium consumption like? A lot of people think that they don't eat much, but they really eat heaps of it, but it is just what they have always done.

As mentioned also, stress can make a big difference, as can some medications that you may be on.

Also, and as you already realize, losing weight can help your BP considerably.

Good luck with your goals.

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4/26/14 11:39 P

"because of my additional research, I'm going to cut wheat out of my diet as well."


I only ask because sometimes when people start, they have a tendency to go completely over board and attempt to create a dietary situation that is neither necessary, nor sustainable - in fact... it makes them quite miserable, which always leads to failure.

I've looked at the Dash diet, and it's a good diet. I have to watch my sodium in order to lose weight, I have to keep mine at about 1500 per day or less in order to lose.

lol...I gained 7 pounds in water weight due to an extreme sodium intake at Easter dinner (overnight...7 pounds) - that's how bad it is with me.

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4/26/14 10:51 P

Are you under a lot of stress? Do you exercise daily?

4/26/14 9:34 P

I recently went to the doctor for something totally unrelated and found out that my blood pressure is not only high, but dangerously high. When the nurse checked it, it read 180/120 and she was so flabbergasted that she looked like she was going to have a heart attack herself! It has been a bit high in the past, but nothing like this, so he put me on meds right away that day. He also suggested the DASH diet to me, which I am starting to follow on Monday. I also decided that, because of my additional research, I'm going to cut wheat out of my diet as well. I know this is going to be difficult at first, but I'm sure I will adjust quickly as I already eat a fairly healthy diet. I'm just wondering if there's anyone else who does DASH and wheat/gluten free together, and how well it's worked to control blood pressure. I do not want to be on meds for the rest of my life!

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