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1KSBEST Posts: 7,188
5/21/12 11:30 A

Yes, keep it moving. Around my house it is ROCK-N-ROLL from the 1970 and 80's. Do you think about 4 songs = 1 mile? around 20 minutes of BOGGING = 1mile?
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5/21/12 10:56 A

emoticon I have been looking at adding dance to my daily routine. I do Zumba at Curves but I need to add some at home. Thank you for sharing!

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
5/21/12 9:08 A

Nicely done. You found somthing fun to keep you moving and motivated.

Way to Go,

SPARKER87 Posts: 366
5/21/12 1:43 A!! I had the most amazing workout tonight! I danced my butt off for a whole hour. I haven't done any dancing recently. I've mainly been sticking to yoga, weight training, plyometrics, and walking/jogging. It felt so dang great to do it!

Dancing is what got me started the first time around. The first time I decided to lose weight. I remember just going for it--envisioning myself in a club as a go-go girl...just moving. It sounds silly that I used to imagine that to help me go. I would dance everyday. I lost 40 lbs because of dancing. I am trying to figure out why I let that go now.

Anyway, I went through my iPod and found music I didn't even know I had! I made a quick playlist and this time around--imagined myself teaching a dance aerobics class. Me in front a mirror cheering everyone on. It really helped me. I couldn't believe I just owned a whole hour to myself without looking at the clock. I wanted to go for more afterwards, but I don't want to go full throttle right now.

I'm going to start mixing dancing into my weekly workout.

Have fun!!

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