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6/15/14 11:38 A

I've just joined SP and am starting getting back into exercise. I don't like gyms and know that I would never stick to an exercise programme that involves going to one. My main issues with fitting in exercise are putting it off after a long day at work and bad weather / walking in the dark in the Winter.

I was thinking of buying a bike later on in the year (which I'd get properly fitted for my height etc) and getting a Turbo Trainer to use at home, as I wouldn't have to worry about safety or bad weather and know that I am more likely to work out if I can just come home and do it without any excuses. Also, cycling is good exercise and stresses your joints less than running. Plus I can use the bike itself outside in the good weather, which would be nice.

The boredom factor of turbo training is something I would aim to combat by putting together a varied programme and watching programmes or listening to music or using something like Stressfest videos while working out

Has anyone used a turbo trainer to get fit / stay fit / lose weight? How have you found it? Have you any training tips?

The turbo trainer which would appear to match my needs best is the CycleOps Fluid 2, because it's meant to be quiet and has great reviews. Its quietness is a massive factor for me because I live in a flat and don't want to disturb the people living below me when I work out.

Has anyone used the CycleOps Fluid 2? What do you think of it? Was it worth buying? With the protective mat below, do you find it quiet? Are there any leakages from oil etc and is the mat enough to protect your floor?

I already know that I'll probably have to buy a protective mat, training tyre and front block and maybe a sweat guard and add a water bottle holder for easy access when working out.

Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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