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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
6/29/11 1:51 P

I eat high fiber crackers and then pita bread made with flax and oat bran (it might be on your grocery shelf, maybe not), and THEN I eat some bread that I love. I almost never get to the last choice, though. The first two are very filling and I don't overdo it. But then, that last choice - it shows up on the table in a restaurant: warm, crusty rolls. I don't overdo that either.

Guess what? I feel like I've been transported to heaven when I get that last choice served to me in a restaurant. I don't make it at home. I don't overdo it in the restaurant, either.

You can eat every single thing you want, throughout your entire life, AND lose weight and maintain it, if you learn to be moderate and thoughtful in your choices. You have a calorie limit - and you know you have to stick to that. So, would it kill you if one day, you indulged so that most of your calories WERE from bread? If you stayed within your calorie limit for the day, then no, it's no big deal, and no, you're not going to do that every day.

IDIOTSAVANT SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 6:51 P

I generally only eat bread if it is breading, and then only rarely. I lost a lot of weight eating basically a Paleo diet and plan on continuing it for the rest of my long life. I am not going to thump my chest and brag about riding faster than Lance Armstrong or anything, but avoiding most bread has been very good to me. How many low-fat dieters can honestly say that they found their diet easy? How many people who think that weight loss requires busting your rear in the gym six days per week can say they actually had fun exercising all the time? If you like the hunger that comes from chronic high insulin levels then go for the low-fat diet. This low-carb and moderate-carb thing does not work for everyone, it is not easy for everyone, but it sure worked for me and many people I know. I also know people where it didn't work, mostly because they kept eating bread! As someone else has said, if you try the other way and it doesn't work, then certainly try this way.

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6/28/11 5:43 P

same with me ---being gluten intolerant---so no bread. Lost my weight. Then found an on line source of really good gluten free bread. Well, it took one year to gain it all back. So now I just stay off bread. I get enough fibre, protein, carbs from other sources. If I must have g-f crackers ok once in a while. But too many carbs is my downfall. I am back on track and trying to loose that 10 lbs again. All my small clothes are tight again. Luckily I got rid of the fat clothes, so until I loose I am naked! lol

KEL_CE Posts: 1,988
6/28/11 5:02 P

Becoming gluten intolerant helped me cut out of bread lol. Otherwise I'd probably still be eating it and a lot of it.

If you find you can't stop at one slice of bread then yes I think you have to cut it out at least until you have progressed in your journey far enough to learn how to control that urge. I cut out chips for a long time because I couldn't stop eating them. Now I've reintroduced them as an occasional snack.

Good luck!

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (70,275)
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6/28/11 4:59 P

I was always a bit of a carb fiend, and I'll be honest - I wouldn't follow a plan that took away my potatoes (as my dad puts it, "We're Irish. We run on potatoes"). As the previous poster said, though, it really comes down to what works for the individual.

What I have done is dramatically cut down on how much I'm eating. I used to microwave a dinner plate of potatoes, and that would be supper for me (and I wondered how I got fat). Now, a starch serving for me is just that - a single serving (so about a half cup). I also don't have the heavy, starchy foods every day... so I still get to keep my precious potatoes, but I only have them a few times a month.

Some tricks I use for keeping the bread down:

Half sandwiches - no one says a sandwich has to be two slices of bread! If I'm having one for lunch, I'll usually make a half sandwich with a plate of cut veggies to make up the extra half. It also helps keep the count down on other ingredients, like cheese.

Open faced sandwiches - same concept, but I do this a lot for hot sandwiches. Just toast a piece of bread and use a fork and knife to eat.

For lunches this week, I'm using little whole wheat english muffins to make mini-sandwiches. I find they're the perfect size.

(I realize I'm sounding like a sandwich freak at this point - these are just some of the lunch/dinner options I use that involve bread... I don't eat it every day).

I also go for quality - I love to stop by the bakery for a good loaf of bread with an ingredient list I can count on one hand. Some of them are higher in calories, but they're also packed with protein and other good things. I'd rather work a hearty slice of 130 calorie bread into my day than two slices that have the texture of a sponge.

I think you're on the right track with cutting the portion sizes down. Pay attention to how much you eat and how often, and look for those little opportunities to cut back a little bit as you go. Good luck!

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CANRUNNER SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 4:37 P

If you want to limit yourself to one or two slices a day I would save them for the afternoon. When I have toast for breakfast, I usually end up wanting some for lunch too. I could eat bread for breakfast lunch and dinner!

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
6/28/11 3:29 P

Thanks to everyone for the advice and suggestions. Yes, I have to admit that I have been going overboard with the bread (AT LEAST 4 slices a day). I really don't think I can completely give it up 'cos it almost feels like i would be missing a leg or something but i will do my best to switch to a maximum of 2 slices. It's going to be hard but after losing 25lbs, i can't afford this one thing derail me. Thanks again all.

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 2:11 P

Saying that bread in moderation is fine seems to ignore one thing. We are all different. What works for one person will sabotage another. If you are stalled in your weight loss, there are several things to try. Mix up exercise a little. Clean up your eating. Change snack routines or eliminate troublesome foods.

One of the foods that people should experiment with when dealing with stalled weight loss is bread (and grains including corn). Not everyone has a problem with bread, so please don't label me some radical low-carb freak (ok, I am a low-carb freak, but this suggestion is still valid). But, some people definitely have trouble losing weight when they include grains and potatoes in their diet. Or at least, they have trouble when they include a lot of grains and potatoes. So, I would say that if you want to experiment, then there is no harm to eliminating bread from your diet for a week or a month and see what happens. Just eat the sandwich filling on top of a salad and no one will accuse you of dangerous eating fads!

Other things that I have heard bad things about for a minority of people that you could consider removing from your diet (one at a time) to see what is stalling you are fruits, caffeine, artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

I haven't eaten a piece of bread in about 8 months. And I should warn you that it has had dire effects on my weight. I used to be a robust and powerful 345 pounds and could ride my bicycle 4 miles with pain! Since giving up bread I have withered to a mere 230 pounds and can barely handle a 20 mile bike ride with energy to spare. I've even had to buy a whole new wardrobe, pity me.

MELISSAJANEY SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 1:54 P

I am exactly like you. I have to cut it out so I don't eat it!

Also, and this goes only for me, not anyone else: I can't lose weight if I eat any kind of bread. I have to cut it out entirely when I am not on maintanance.

I feel you, sister. I have a love/hate relationship with bread.

hang in there!

JOKAYGIRL2 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 14
6/28/11 1:35 P

Are you getting enough carbs, protein and fibre? (All things in bread!) Usually when we crave something our body is telling us we need it for some reason. I like to follow the canadian food guide when it comes to balancing the amount of food I eat.

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/28/11 1:11 P

If you choose to cut out bread, you will have more room in your daily diet to include more nutrient-dense foods like veggies, fruit, and proteins. Funny thing is that I eat less food if I'm not including bread, as it messes with my ability to know when I'm full and increases food cravings.

Anyway, some ideas are: make lettuce wraps for lunch. (If you go out for lunch, try Jimmy John's unwich and save a bunch of calories & carbs). If you are looking for something bready for breakfast, like pancakes, try a paleo pancake:
Basically, almond butter, banana, and egg. Yum. Lots of other ideas on paleo/primal eating sites... there are groups here on sparkpeople too where you can ask the question. Good luck!

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,934
6/28/11 11:58 A

When I try to eliminate bread I want it more. I found a bread called Mahlers flax soy bread it has 10g of protein per slice and is 70cal. It is very dense and I like the taste. I feel less guilty eating a bread that is high protein.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,416
6/28/11 11:35 A

I don't believe in cutting out something that you love. I would never be able to stick to any healthy life style if it meant cutting out bread.

I track my bread and make sure that I stay in my Spark Ranges.

JANEY102482 Posts: 393
6/28/11 11:34 A

Healthy bread in moderation is fine, but I totally understand if you wish to cut it out completely because you're not sure you can stick to the "in moderation" part! If you're looking for a good replacement, try whole wheat wraps. They're delicious, healthy and are a great bread substitute, especially if you like sandwiches. Just be sure to read and compare labels because from brand to brand they can vary from 90 calories per wrap to almost 200.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
6/28/11 11:31 A

I eat, on average, 4 slices of bread daily. I have a sandwich for breakfast & one for lunch most days. I eat Healthy Life Whole Wheat Low Carb bread. It has 16 carbs for 2 slices, is low fat, no HFCS and 70 calories for 2 slices. It's not the fluffiest, thickest bread ever, but it's good, and it helps to be able to eat some bread & not have it use a huge chunk of my calories or carbs for the day. Maybe something like that will work for you. (I do also sometimes indulge in bluberry or raisin bread or an English muffin. So long as I'm not over indulging or going over my caloric/fat/carb, etc. intake, I don't worry too much about it.)

TANNERZ SparkPoints: (43,214)
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Posts: 1,353
6/28/11 8:27 A

I have 2 slices of bread everyday almost and it doesn't effect me. I'm actually losing weight at a good pace. :) I'm eating Stone Ground 12-Grain Bread. It's so yummy. So I'm pretty sure one slice of bread with your meal isn't going to have a negative effect.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
6/28/11 8:20 A

I personally don't see how eating "some" bread with your salad is going to derail your weight loss unless you mean more than one slice. It's all about portion sizes. I often have bread for both lunch and dinner and was successful at losing weight.

SHELBSYD SparkPoints: (38,719)
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Posts: 1,466
6/27/11 11:19 P

Girl, it's like your talking right to me! I was doing so well until I discovered Great Harvest Bread a few weeks ago. What I do is have one bread meal a day (that way I don't feel deprived), if it's a sandwich for lunch, then none for dinner. I also buy rolls, put them in the freezer and pull one out for each person so I don't eat them all (I defrost them in the microwave for 30 seconds, then pop in the oven or grill). That way I get my bread fix without over doing it! I also switched to wraps,like Flat Out Bread,more fiber,more protein and less carbs. It seemed to of worked until the past couple of weeks, when I over did the bread addiction. I'm going back to one bread meal a day again!!!

Personally I don't believe on cutting out food I love, just having them in moderation, after all this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change!

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
6/27/11 11:04 P

I have also loved bread and have always eaten whole wheat bread and i think that it has seriously contributed to my weight gain over the years. I love eat salads and soups but have to have some bread with it and I feel like i am slowly going back to my "addiction" to it. I wish i could stop buying it but with 2 boys and a hubby at home, it's convenient to have it at home. Has anyone successfully cut out bread and what alternatives did you use? Any advice would be helpful. emoticon

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