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1/2/11 7:06 P

After Christmas turned out to be a great time to buy workout clothes; there are some good sales going on. I bought my fav. workout pants for 1/2 price at Shopko & Payless had Champion shoes marked way down. I also bought a pair of Reeboks at Sears for running. I like having the workout clothes that are air wicking. I do most of my workouts right after work and then have to go out into the cold and drive 30 min. to get home. It isn't good to sit in a car that long in wet & sweaty clothes. And it is an added bonus that they look nice. I didn't buy new tops at this time because I had already bought several at Wal-mart when they had theirs marked down. Good luck Bargain Shopping!!!

SPORTBUNNIE Posts: 1,029
1/2/11 6:55 P

I just walked into Marshalls today after my walk/run and it was like a gold mine!! I spent only like 80 bucks on 5 sports tops and 1 pants and a jacket!!! All the items ranged from 5.99 to 29.00!!! and the 29 was the jacket. Everything else was under 20. I could've spent over 300 today on me easy but I chose to use that as my "TREAT" when I lose 10lbs!!!!

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AMYRAP1 Posts: 151
1/2/11 6:51 P

My vote is definitely Old Navy and Target. Although I wish Old Navy still sold their plus size stuff in the stores and not just online, I have most of my workout stuff from them.

- Amy
KAREN_NY Posts: 1,462
1/2/11 6:44 P

Lands End stuff lasts forever, and if you wear it out sooner (or even shrink out of it), you can send it back for an exchange! They have a no-questions-asked, forever guarantee, like LL Bean.

Target is less expensive than almost anywhere for good tech fabrics (like wicking tshirts), and sports bras.

Consignment shops are fantastic in my town, which has more yoga studios per capita than LA, I think! :) I got my last pair of stretchy pants for $3, in great shape.

Dicks Sporting Goods seems to have good stuff, but I can usually find better prices at Target.

HAVE FUN with your new gear, and rock the day!

XJESSX3009 Posts: 58
1/2/11 5:34 P

Old navy! and they are having a big yoga/workout sale this weekend!

1/2/11 5:12 P

YOU CAN FIND ALMOST ANYTHING AT A THRIFTY AND CONSIGNMENT STORE! You can even call and ask them what they have or to watch for things for you. emoticon

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1/2/11 5:09 P

I like to get workout clothes at TJMaxx, Ross, or Marshalls. I also keep my eyes open for deals at Kohl's. Target has decent stuff, too.


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PIXIESUE Posts: 338
1/2/11 5:05 P

I hit the thrift stores for stuff like that

ATZIONCH Posts: 1,346
1/2/11 5:03 P

Mine is usually a swimsuit from Target or I order from Woman Within. Good news is I'm one size away from WW smallest size. emoticon

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1/2/11 4:58 P

TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning. They are hit and miss, but I often will find at least one good steal!

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1/2/11 4:38 P


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SUBLIMEG3M1N1 Posts: 62
1/2/11 4:36 P

Walmart and Target but a comfy, old band shirt is always the best.

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1/2/11 4:29 P

Hate to say it (because I despise them), but Walmart. I've even gotten zip-off hiking pants there. They have the capri-length workout pants that I prefer.

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RAMARQUARDT13 Posts: 101
1/2/11 4:26 P

I just bought Capri's and shirts from Target and shirts from Kohls. Also bought two 100% cotton Hanes t-shirts supporting breast cancer at Walmart for $3 each.

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SUZYQ19711 Posts: 7
1/2/11 4:24 P

JCPenney's also has work out clothes at reasonable prices and usually in January you can find items on the 70% off clearance racks.

Suzy Q
BEACHWEAR Posts: 3,149
1/2/11 4:23 P

Sign-up for kohls coupons in the mail. Those combined with sales I was able to buy really nice workout pants that were $45 and ended up paying only $12. What steal in my mind.

I have also had really good luck at Reebok's outlet stores.

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,346
1/2/11 3:49 P


FITNFBLS Posts: 29
1/2/11 3:35 P

TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Forever 21 & the like, Kmart, Kohl's or Jc Penny's on sale days & you can also find work out pants in the Jr. & misses sections of Kohl's & Jc Penny's. For workout tops think outside the box.

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SCTK519 Posts: 2,085
1/2/11 3:34 P

Big fan of C9 from Target. also seems to have a lot of great sales.

CANDISSSE Posts: 650
1/2/11 3:32 P

I'm a big fan of Walmart and Target for workout clothes. Target is a little more expensive, but sometimes they have their stuff on sale. Walmart is always cheap!

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PEDAL-PUSHER Posts: 6,501
1/2/11 3:24 P

I find really decent things at the local Goodwill (Wednesdays are family days here, half price!) I have picked up some nice racerback tops and sports bras therealong with long pants. For everything else, it is Danskin's at Walmart. I DO check the clearance racks first, but even at full price, athey are not expensisve.

I also have done a bunch of 5K's........$20.00 registration and you get a t-shirt. Sometimes they even give tech-shirts, really nice to workout in and promote a good cause.

I like Jockey socks ( I get them at hte outlets) and have also picked up some nice pants on clearaance there.

Laastly, I have picked up some nice things on ebay also.

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GITTYB Posts: 256
1/2/11 3:23 P

ha, ha. this is funny because I just went shopping for some workout clothes today.
Target has a nice selection but I think 34 for pants and another 30 for a shirt is a lot...
They had capris for 20.
I'm gonna check out Marshell's. THANKS FOR THE TIPS

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1/2/11 3:22 P

Walmart and Ross tend to have great clothes for working out at resonable prices.

ONESPOTLEFT SparkPoints: (123,311)
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1/2/11 3:17 P

I shop clearance racks and find that the men's section has cheaper but not as colorful selections

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1/2/11 3:01 P

Both Walmart and Target have lots of workout clothes on sale this week.

1/2/11 2:37 P

They don't usually have a huge selection, but I like Eastbay (or for high quality gear, especially shoes and wicking apparel. I may be a bit biased, since I used to work there, but they also have an Outlet section - if you find things there, the prices are unbelievable.

XRAYSOTO Posts: 189
1/2/11 2:35 P

The daniskin line @ walmart and target=0

CATHERINEL66 SparkPoints: (11,842)
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1/2/11 2:35 P

I also get some stuff at the resale stores.

I never pay full price for new stuff, either -- too overpriced. The workout gear from the clearance and sale sections at TJ Maxx and other discount places is another great place to look!

CRYSTA_200 Posts: 3
1/2/11 2:28 P

DIFINITELY WAL-MART! I love the Danskin line. It washes great and wears great too. I love the little jackets that come with the outfits.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
1/2/11 2:17 P

Lands End has some good workout clothes in their overstock section. They carry a number of these items in smaller plus sizes (1X-3X) as well as regular sizes and petities. They might be a little more expensive than some of the options mentioned below but I know they last a really long time, so I find they're worth it.

I also like Old Navy: sign up for their emails and you'll get some subscriber-only discount offers.

ROSECITY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/11 2:14 P

Do they have WINNERS stores where you live? They have different items available and often great prices on good quality name brands. Selection varies all the time so the fun is in the hunt for a "Bargoon!" Another idea is Ebay. But it may take longer to get your workout clothes. If you start to get into the Zumba and want to spice things up I recall Jazzercise (on line and from catalogues at classes) has work out clothes. Of course Old Navy:) Good ol' Yoga tops, pants, and hoodies.... even some of their pyjamas can probably do double duty. Have fun at Zumba class and keep us posted on what you get. emoticon

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (163,252)
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1/2/11 2:07 P

Someone already mentioned Marshall's. I'm going to also include TJ Maxx. I've found a ton of great workout clothes for cheap on their clearance racks.

You could also check Macy's. I know everyone says they are expensive AND they are if you pay retail. However, Macy's is constantly running sales. Check their clearance racks too. They regularly mark down their racks 25-50%. If you catch the sale right, I've gotten as much as 75% off.

CHAOS247 Posts: 117
1/2/11 2:01 P

All the stores listed here have GREAT selections. But I personally go mainly to Target. Also I make sure I do 2 things check the CLEARANCE SECTIONS. Some time the workout clothing is in a separate section of with the regular clothes or lingerie (sport bras are found there most on the time). Also because I have long arms and wide shoulders I also check the MENS for t-shirts. I can usually find plain one there for about $2.Plus when I shop mens I can get a SMALLER SIZE emoticon

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1/2/11 1:42 P

Deleting double post.

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OBJECTIFM SparkPoints: (8,115)
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1/2/11 1:41 P

I tried a short Zumba workout that was available on TV and it was fun.

I have some very nice, expensive yoga fitness pants that are coming to the end of their useful life. I'm considering trying to copy them. The lines are very simple and I live in an area with excellent fabric stores, so I hope to find a suitable supplex blend. I've read that one can sew stretch fabric with a home sewing machine using a zigzag stitch, although a serger is better.

MBUNDY3 Posts: 164
1/2/11 1:40 P

Target and TJ Maxx

1/2/11 1:38 P

Old Navy all the way for this gal! :)

- 120 pounds - manicure & pedicure
- 115 pounds - $75 for new gym clothes
- 110 pounds - $100 for brand new running shoes!
MISSY0009 Posts: 318
1/2/11 1:35 P

My 2 favorite workout shirts are from aerie they were 12.50 each

my workout pants and shorts are from winners and both of them were 19.99 :)

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SYDCAT01 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/2/11 1:32 P

I recommend Marshall's, if you have one where you reside. I went in a few days ago and purchased a pair of Jockey Yoga pants (cute with embroidered area on bottom left leg) for $12 and a coordinating racer back with built in bra for $9. They had an extremely large selection to choose from!

1/2/11 1:23 P

I usually get workout clothes at Wal-Mart... Sam's is also really good

DAHALL8 Posts: 79
1/2/11 1:20 P

I agree with all that has been said but thought I would add in, Kohls. When they have a sale or clearance you can really make out.
I also have their credit card that I only use to get the additional discounts and ALWAYS pay off at the end of the month(when I use it). Last week I got an additional 20% off so with all the discounts my 10.00 shirt was 2.99 when it was all said and done.

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EMPTRS SparkPoints: (35,445)
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1/2/11 1:17 P

Old Navy, Target, or Walmart!

SUZWARNR Posts: 1,484
1/2/11 1:11 P

My vote is for Target. They have a really nice selection of clothes from Champion and all are pretty reasonable.

1/2/11 11:56 A

I've found that outlet stores tend to have good prices. Also, if you're a member of Sam's Club (or possible another warehouse store), they have decent workout clothes for cheap. I've gotten great yoga pants at Sam's.

1/2/11 11:54 A

This is going to sound weird, but I'm going to go ahead and drop it anyway: Goodwill. People constantly buy workout gear and lose interest (we all know how it is) or change sizes, and all of that unused gear often winds up at thrift stores. I have tons of name-brand, classy workout gear, especially that moisture-wicking clothing, that I paid almost nothing for. Plus, the proceeds go to charity. Just, of course, wash everything prior to wear.

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also at:
FITWITHIN Posts: 21,969
1/2/11 11:48 A

I buy all my workout clothes at Walmart. And, they are Danskins products.

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1/2/11 11:43 A

Target and Old Navy are not too bad. You could probably get yoga pants and a top for about 30 bucks.

CHIQUITA13 Posts: 80
1/2/11 11:39 A

I am looking for the same thing! Why are workout clothes so expensive? I love the stuff on titlenine and lucy, but dang, I don't have $90 for a pair of pants or $50 for a tank top.

1/2/11 11:35 A

Plugging my former place of employment here, but JC Penney usually has some awesome clearance prices/coupons, especially with workout clothes.

THELUCKIEST018 SparkPoints: (8,674)
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Posts: 861
1/2/11 11:27 A

I always exercise in sweats/shorts and t-shirts at home (treadmill/DVDs) but I am starting Zumba classes on Tues and want to look a little nicer to go out in public :-) Problem is, we are broke from Christmas. Anyone know where to get some cute workout clothes at a good price?

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