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2/15/14 10:24 P

Fixed link...

...the problem with people these days is
they've forgotten we're really just animals ...
(attributation forgotten)

We did not create the web of life; we are but a strand in it.
~attributed to Chief Seattle

We don't have souls. We ARE souls. We have bodies.
~C.S. Lewis
WEWRTFO Posts: 140
2/15/14 10:18 P

With many failed weight loss attempts of no sugar with artificial sweeteners in the diet it still left me with intense sugar cravings and hunger issues. Once I cut all sugar and artificial sweeteners out of diet all the sugar cravings and hunger issues have been eliminated. When I say no sugar, everything except from whole fruits and vegetables.

Having noticed how much my taste buds also have changed, liking vegetables and fruit considerably more. (link on top) If your as sensitive to artificial sweeteners as I am just a little bit, including stevia will change my taste buds and how it effects the taste of other food. If your trying to get eat/like more vegetables consider this. If you cut out sugar and still experiencing hunger issues this may be what's going on. Another reason of many how elimination of artificial sweetener's transformed my own eating habits.

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