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8/12/10 2:15 P

Dear BogusAnnie,

Good for you!!! Curves is a great strength training facility - and yes, you get out of it what you put into it. The faster you go on the machines - the better your workout is going to be.

I will be completely honest with you and say that I have been skeptical since I joined about the number of calories I burn at each workout. Most of the times I go 5 evenings per week - and I am burning at least 450 - 500 calories each workout.

I will also say this: I was on a walking cane before I started - but no longer require it. I have been a Curves member for 6 years now. I have not lost any weight until I started dieting - but I can move around and keep up with my grandkids now without any help from anybody or anything. (Escept my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ who helps me daily!!!)

That in itself makes Curves a good deal for me!!!

Good luck to you,
Lee Tipton

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BOGUSANNIE Posts: 1,745
8/12/10 1:54 P

I just went for my first session last night...I am still a bit skeptical about the workout quality...that being said, I can certainly see how some people go for years without seeing any real changes...because you definitely get out of it what you put into it...I did HALF of what those other women were it was my first night...and I sweat...not one of the 10 or so others broke a sweat..I spoke with a lady who said she'd been doing it a while and really didn't notice much of a difference...anyway...I'll try it a few more times and see what I think then..

8/3/10 7:19 P

I am a 56 year old female that has belonged to Curves since May, 2006. I have earned my 700 workout tshirt recently. I am NOT good about a diet - until now. I started doing the Curves Complete 2 1/2 weeks ago and lost 4 pounds. They are stopping that program because it is not making them any money. So now I am going to try this SparkPeople. We will see. I do at least a 500 calorie workout every day at Curves. I love it!!!

7/21/10 4:50 A

I joined Curves in June 2009. For the first few months I kept a constant weight of 154. Over the next few months I had been gaining 1-2 pounds. I am doing the machines as well as the aerobics, but I keep gaining weight. I am eating healthy except for a few occasional snacks, but I don't think that Curves is working for me. I am thinking about finding a different club either with the CurvesSmart for a more one-on-one computerized trainer or another gym with a personal trainer. I joined with my mom who is 42 and she is now 173 pounds, and she has had fantastic results. I just don't think this is the program for me.

KIMMAYFIELD SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/09 11:30 P

i ended up going to Planet Fitness and joining there sorry i cant be more help for you.

VISSY1980 Posts: 22
8/18/09 8:58 P

i went to Curves today to do an assessment and I thought it was OK. I'm gonna join, but I'm not gonna go the contract route. I'd hate to be committed for a year and waste money if it is not for me. I think I'll give it 2 or 3 months. Anyone care to share their experiences?

KIMMAYFIELD SparkPoints: (0)
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8/5/09 3:40 P

I go for my "assessment" at curves tonight.. kinda worried about the price lol they wouldnt tell me over the phone.

EMMIEWOO Posts: 73
5/4/09 8:37 P

Seems like several of you guys are arguing about two different Curves programs. I did the original curves program and it just didn't do it for me. It was just too easy, even when jogging in place between the stations. At that time, every curves would also have different set ups. You could go visit another curves and see machines you had never used before. Not to mention, for short people you tend to lose a few seconds at each station when you grab the little block and try and adjust it properly to make it a better fit.

The Curves Smart program sounds like they increased the intensity and changed things up a bit to increase the calorie burn. Not to mention you also get a trainer (even if computerized), which you didn't get before. It makes it sound like a much better workout than before and I would actually consider going again if I was interested in the circuit style workout.

The other thing I don't like about Curves is that the machines don't get wiped down often enough. If you go to Curves, do your fellow members a favor and don't go when you are sniffling, sneezing or coughing even if you still feel like you can do a full workout. emoticon

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JENNYBRN Posts: 80
5/4/09 8:04 P

I also do the Curves Smart program and it says I burn over 500 calories - however I think that is a bit much and go with Spark People's estimate for me. I've also been branching out as I want more than Curves has to offer. But I'd still like to go to Curves. So my question is, does Curves count as strength training, should I not do any other strength training? Or is it okay to do strength training on days when I don't go to Curves?

KAEDARE Posts: 7
5/4/09 7:31 P

I signed up for the Curves Study 30 days ago. I decided to join b/c of the Curves Smart. I did my first complete workout with the machines today and it told me I burned 689 calories in the 30 minutes. I am 5'8 and 174 pounds. I work pretty hard though, I exceeded all the goals it set for me and I work up a pretty good sweat. A much bigger sweat than a 45 minute 15 mile a minute walk, and the fitness thing on here says I burn over 200 when I do that. Another woman there who works about as hard as I do, maybe harder says the computers tell her she burned 800 or more.

2BEFITNFAB SparkPoints: (8,907)
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10/15/08 7:17 A

Movement of any kind, coupled with proper diet, will reward individuals with results, however, the intensity/degree of resistance allows individuals to step up their workouts and improve cardio/strength...
with that said, allow for (these results are not typical) claims...I do 30 minutes at moderate intensity on the elliptical and burn 300 cals...I weigh more, thus more cals burned

GRUBY22 Posts: 257
10/15/08 4:57 A

I love Curves! When I got back from my first deployment I was upset at how I looked and was getting ready to make a big move. I wanted to start over in a new place. So, I did! I found out about Curves. I worked out at least 3 days a week and many times 5. Eating healthy was another thing I learned how to do. Within 3 months the weight was dropping off and I felt great about myself. Ever since I've been very active to keep the weight off. In the first year I lost over 30 lbs and felt great. Now it's hard to get me away from the gym. I love myself again. Thanks Curves.

MARCY_SMILE SparkPoints: (0)
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10/15/08 4:46 A

I agree... was gone for 4 weeks put on some pounds while going back home to help my folks... I did very little exercise other than house hold chores and things to help my parents went back to curves knowing I gained and now i'm back on line and loose ing more weight.. I love curves

8/6/08 9:30 A

I've been a member of Curves since June 6. So far, I've lost 8 lbs and 9 inches, overall. In the beginning, I burned between 350 and 400 calories per workout, based on the CurveSmart program. I go regularly, 3 times a week and supplement with other aerobic exercises 3 other days a week. My last two workouts at Curves, and let me preface this by saying that I kicked my own butt and powered through both workouts - was dying by the end - I burned 564 and 531 calories in 30 minutes, respectively. There was no way I could have conversed wtih anyone (the trainer kept trying to talk with me - wanted to strangle her), sweat was flying, and I was at the end of my endurance by the end of the workout. My legs were wobbly. So yeah - I have an idea about how much I can burn on a treadmill in 30 min at a moderate rate - so I believe I burned 500+ calories during those workouts. Curves is what you make of it for yourself - I see women who sweat - really really sweat - not perspire - and women who come in in full makeup, coordinated outfits and jewelry who then sashay through the circuit (without a curvessmart card) and yak at each other all the way through. They're also not getting too much benefit from it. Like anything else - you get out what you put in. I'll continue to put my all in, like I did these past two workouts.

Curves will kick your butt - all those of you who say it's "good for beginners?" Well - I'm not a beginner - and I had a very fit military friend try my workout - and she couldn't make it through the second circuit. She was also a naysayer before she started.

Don't judge something until you've tried it. If you don't understand it, don't naysay it until you have proof you're correct. Statistics are just that - statistics. There are also many many exceptions to those - I happen to be one of them. :)

SKREBEL SparkPoints: (0)
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7/1/08 10:44 P

I have been a member of Curves since late January and so far have dropped 30 pounds and 28". Their new Curves Smart program definately has me walking out of the place drenched with sweat but I do not beleive I burn 500 calories there in a half hour. I spend over 45 minutes six days a week on the circuit and my key at the end usually shows me burning between 400 and 525 calories.

7/1/08 9:37 P

I really don't know if I can believe that I burned 560 calories in my workout on Monday. I am only 5.5" and 172.5 on THEIR charts. You will lose more at the beginning. I think it is worth it to go, especially now that they have this Curves Smart thing going on.

MARCY_SMILE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/27/08 7:39 A

my problem is... where do I go for a walk... i was doing the walmart parking lot, the shopping mall in town is very small so I walk the parking lot... people tend to look at you like... are you going to break in my car.. etc.. I stay far away from the cars walk the edge and I can do 6 times around the lot and I put on a lot of miles but... no loss... staying the same.. the doctor said maybe its the repetition of not doing or not getting the cardo up? so I walk a little, run a little.. but no weight gain no weight loss....
I went to curves 3 lbs came off? mind you its only the first week.. but it's something different and maybe muscle changes and maybe its working for me..took their eatting plan put it on sparks and i'm following that next week..and trying to use it with feeding my family... so i'm not eating one thing they are eatting another...

as far as joining a big gym... gyms are costly and here again not one in my area. Its pretty boring doing exercise video's over and over too. If you haven't tried curves ask for a free pass and go. I think you would get a different opinion once you went... its not a bunch of old women or fat woman its everyday woman that want to improve their body.
so far I'm going to give it a try. emoticon

NLEVCOVICH1313 Posts: 2,180
2/25/08 10:32 A

when I did curves (Hated the music!) it seemed like a moderate workout, I think the go for a walk analogy is about right.

PBJTIME SparkPoints: (26,021)
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Posts: 165
2/25/08 2:54 A

Yes, actually, I can. However, unlike most people at my weight, I have always been very active. And I am by no means the norm.

I wasn't trying to say EVERYONE of a certain weight may be able to burn that many calories, as it does take a certain amount of fitness. I was just explaining that, physiologically, it is possible for some people. So, while their claims may be true for a very few, they probably aren't true for the masses. That's pretty much the same with most advertising claims, not just the ones aimed at people wanting to lose weight!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/24/08 1:25 P

Can you run at that rate for that long?

I don't doubt that certain activities, for larger people, have the capacity to burn that many calories. What I doubt is that those people have the capacity to complete that exercise. :)

PBJTIME SparkPoints: (26,021)
Fitness Minutes: (48,741)
Posts: 165
2/24/08 9:21 A

Just as an example, the fitness calculator tells me that I burn 480 calories in 30 minutes of running if I run a 10 minute mile (3 miles in that time period). I weight about 280 lbs.

So it IS possible for larger people to burn that amount of calories with a more intense cardio workout. I don't know about Curves, b/c I've never been....

BAYSIDE07 Posts: 7,534
2/24/08 6:41 A

It seems that curves is great for those who are just beginning their fitness journeys and aren't ready to go to a big Unisex gym. It's probably possible for a person who weighs 200+ pounds to burn 500 calories in one hour, but not 30 minutes.

BLEARY Posts: 366
2/24/08 6:32 A

Did the commercial say you burn 500 calories in one 30 minute workout, or 500 calories per hour (even though you're not there for an hour)?

I could believe 500 per hour, so 250 per 30 minute workout.

Mind you, I've never been!

PBJTIME SparkPoints: (26,021)
Fitness Minutes: (48,741)
Posts: 165
2/24/08 6:29 A

Many calorie calculators have told me I burn 500 calories or more in 30 minutes. But, even at my current weight, that is usually only for intensely aerobic, weight-bearing exercise (ex. I burn more running than someone who is half my weight, but I wouldn't burn much more lifting the same 30 lb. weight on a Curves machine). I would think the 500 calorie count would only be true for someone who weighs maybe 300-350 lbs and is working at a very, very high intensity. As with any diet claim advertising claim, although it may be true in a very few extraordinary cases, you have to be critical!

Why do you think we all get frustrated with the 1-2 lb. per week average weight loss? It's partly because of all these stupid advertisements telling us over and over that "I lost 50 lbs in one month" on this or that programme. Grrr....

A better approach for me is to track my exercise minutes so I'm accountable, but not really look at my calories burned. I know if something is intense or not without having a calorie counter tell me. And I'm exercising for my appearance, my health, my mood and my quality of life, not just for "losing weight." Screw calorie counters- just get out and move your butt!

MARCY_SMILE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 58
2/24/08 3:37 A

Well now for 500 calories to be burnt in 30 minutes you would really have to work the boards and the machine... and we have a gal that really does work it I mean power ty-bo stuff on the boards and she is moving for the 30 minutes she does two reps and she has lost the weight... but she could be really exercising at home too but the idea is to get off your fanny and do something.. I will get my self a heart monitor... I know the more I work out the easier its getting the more I can do and the more work more sweat its great... try it.

STARSTUP Posts: 272
2/23/08 8:54 P

Hi! I agree that it would be very hard to burn 500 cals in 30 min! especially at Curves...the most I have burned in 30 min is 400 cals and I was exhausted at the end! Very hard! I do believe Curves is a good idea for those just starting out...but once you get to a certain point it just might not be challenging enough.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/23/08 2:43 P

That's exactly the discussion in point. Can you detail how you believe it's possible to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes? Because some of us here don't think that it is, based on our own experiences.

I_AM_MEE Posts: 119
2/23/08 8:50 A

The reason they don't say UP TO 1,000 calories is because it would be almost impossible for the average woman to burn that amount of calories with their exercises in a 30 minute time period however, UP TO 500 calories is very possible in some cases. THey are just being honest.

LIBRAWN24 Posts: 1,049
2/22/08 10:02 P

ok.. here's my opinion. And it's just that my opinion. My mom does curves and LOVES it. She has had a ton of success at doing it however, she has reached a point where she even feels she needs more. She now does the circut and then goes walking outside or somehing. There was an advertisment for a program not to long ago for them. They were requesting people that were not currently on ANY kind of fitness or diet plan. Bascially like someone had said Curves is wonderful for those that aren't moving. If that is what gets them to start moving I think it's a wonderful program. However, if you have any type of fitness level I don't think the curves program is something for you. At some point you will need to move on to increase your cardio and strength training to continue your results. Like I said just my opionion. Also, my mom loves it for the people. it's a great way to make friends and keep yourself motivated!!! So, if it makes people move and keeps some of them motivated then it's good on some level for someone.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/22/08 6:15 P

Well then why not say "burn up to 1000 calories"?

I think the issue here is that even 500 calories seems beyond likelihood for any individual. It's an inflated promise.

Even a "save up to 75%" sale still has to have at least one item at 75% reduction. Is it even possible for anyone, anywhere, to burn 500 calories in a Curves 30m training session? I think that's the issue here, not that most people won't get anywhere near it, but that nobody ever will.

I_AM_MEE Posts: 119
2/22/08 6:12 P

If you pay attention to the ad they say you can burn UP TO 500 calories. It varies with individuals based on weight/height/intensity/age etc.

JACKIE430 Posts: 61
2/22/08 5:13 P

I was a member at Curves last year. it does work. I lost 12 inches the first month I was there and a total of 20 pounds after a few months. I quit going because my exercise partner decided not to go any longer. needless to say, I packed on some of those pounds but since I've started spark people, I've taken back off a couple.

DUAN333 Posts: 1,795
2/22/08 4:52 P

About CURVES: excellent for women who might be intimidated by a "quote" -- "unquote" regular gym..also will help to build and/or maintain flexibility.

500 calories, uhmmm, doubtful. If someone is young and healthy, curves may not be 4 U.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/22/08 4:35 P

These are 30 minute workouts aren't they? I think if anyone burned 500 cals in thirty minutes, they'd collapse. They certainly would have great difficulty getting into the car and driving home.

I think the most I've done in that time was the mountain biking session that was 700 calories for 55 minutes. And that was HARD.

If you're not falling-down-tired, then you've done nothing like 500 calories. Even if it's possible for a larger person to burn that much because their body is bigger, I think they'd be aerobically incapable of completing the workout.

2/22/08 12:28 P

The best way to track your caloric burn is with a good quality heart rate monitor that you wear around your chest with a watch that you can program with your height, weight, age, current fitness level etc. This isn't perfect but it's going to be pretty close because it will take in your low and high heart rates.

KATHY7508 Posts: 33
2/22/08 12:11 P

I totally agree!!!!! I feel whatever gets you moving go with it. If talking to the other women at Curves keeps you going then you go. I happen to enjoy going. I sweat my booty off when I go. You get out of it what you put in to it.

MARCY_SMILE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (899)
Posts: 58
2/22/08 12:00 P

well for me.. it beats walking around walmart parking lot like a begger, it beats sitting infont of a tv and watching the same video over and over and not really seeing the scale go down... so I like curves... maybe 500 calories is a lie etc.. but I have seen a gal loose 10 lbs a week for 4 weeks.. she does intense exercises on the mats... really speeds up her cardo, and really gets the machine rocking at each stage... intense yes... is she loosing yes... and is she monitored yes.. so as far as sitting at home and doing nothing at least its something... I can only jump rope so much and walk so far... and it gets a little boring at least I have someone to talk to.. that has the same problem I do... and that's being overweight...

DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
2/20/08 8:54 P

*shrug* Did the advanced workout thingy, where you just go for it as hard as you can. I do feel like I got a very good workout, heart rate up at 80% and everything. Blah, I don't care if that makes me an absolute beginner, I've been working out rather consistently for a few years now. ^_^ So whatever floats my boat.

KATHY7508 Posts: 33
2/20/08 6:14 P

I actually jog on the stations in between the machines. I think that it depends on how you workout on how many calories you burn. I do curves and also workout at home. But if you have joined curves then good for you at least you are doing something.

EEVEE1 Posts: 4,426
2/20/08 5:58 P

184 calories is still worth something

2/20/08 4:36 P

Careful with a lot of the studies Curves posts.. I used to work there back in the day and most those studies are done be a facility that is affiliated with Curves.

Here's what American Council on Exercise says about Curves...
"Lead researchers Kristin A. Greany; John P. Porcari, FACSM; and Carl Foster, FACSM, tested 15 healthy women from two Curves locations in the greater La Crosse area (average age of 42). The heart rate and oxygen consumption of each participant was monitored as they participated in two complete Curves workouts.

The study found that the 30-minute Curves workout, including five minutes of stretching and cool-down, burns an average of 184 calories making it a good “moderate-intensity” workout for those who are not very active. The aerobic benefit of exercising at this intensity is equivalent to walking at a speed of four miles per hour on a level treadmill. "

Also, because it does not include the negative phase of the contraction, strength gains can be limited. “It was found that omitting eccentric stress in training program severely compromised the potential strength gains: (Dudley et al. 1991)

The other problem is the machines -- "Fit for a woman" - how big of a variety in sizes of women do you see? Yet you can't adjust the machines? This can lead to problems, as any misfit machine can

It's good for an absolute beginner, of if it's the only thing you want to do, but I'd recommend most move on. (Edited to note, I mean this for the strength training aspect of it. The cardio aspect will depend on how hard you work. Personally, if a client asked I'd recommend something else, but I'm not saying that there's no benefit in Curves. I just wanted to give all the information for anyone reading who is trying to decide)

They will lie to you, at least at the ones I worked at, to stop you from going to a regular gym, even if results have plateaued at Curves.

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KATHY7508 Posts: 33
2/20/08 4:09 P

I belong to curves and they have a smart card with all of your info in it and you scan it at each machine and at the end of the workout it tells you how many calories you burn,what you need to work harder on. My calorie burn is between 325 and 375 most of the time. I have never seen it at 500, they may need to check the machines.

SHARIJERRY Posts: 1,127
2/20/08 3:02 P

I would be surprised if Curves was 500 calories
I do a 45 minute spinning class - and it's hard - and they tell us that is around 500 calories
I used to belong to Curves and I don't think the two workouts are similar
200 calories is probably more like it

SARAH_VW Posts: 7,113
2/20/08 9:11 A

I don't think it's possible to burn 500 calories in one workout at Curves. I've done circuit training in the Making the Cut program and the most I've ever burned while wearing my heart rate monitor is close to 300 calories and that was working at 90% MHR. I agree that if you weighed a lot more than you do you might be able to burn more calories because the more you weigh the more you burn, but for the average person it's probably impossible.

They want people to join Curves so they're going to make bold claims like burning 500 calories in a workout to get people to join. It's just like on the L.A. Weight Loss or Jenny Craig commercials where they have all these people saying they've lost 60, 100, 150 pounds, etc. and then in small print at the bottom of screen it says "Results not typical".

MARCY_SMILE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (899)
Posts: 58
2/20/08 8:15 A

well i'm hitting the mats pretty hard... and i'm trying to do as many on the machines as possible thanks... and i'm doing more times around..

DLASAGNA Posts: 2,420
2/20/08 8:05 A

Well... now I know how much I probably burn, approximately, as my heart rate and weight are about the same as yours. Thanks much.

DUAN333 Posts: 1,795
2/19/08 10:53 P

Yes, it seems to me that 200 calories would be about right for many people at Curves---when on the pads really exert yourself and when on the machines squeeze in lots of reps--so someone could burn more if they really pushed it while at curves.

2/19/08 5:11 P

Yes, weight and how hard you work out goes into any workout.

For me I always count Curves at 200 calories. I know I am at least burning that.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
2/19/08 2:28 P

If you weighed twice what you do, you could burn 500 calories. It's a commercial, after all-- you can burn "up to" 500 calories per session just like you can save "up to" $1000 on your next used car at the dealer who advertises the same place you heard the Curves commercial. emoticon

2/19/08 2:04 P

I joined Curves about 2 months ago to get away from my big scary gym and I do like it better. I never thought of using my heart rate monitor at Curves until I heard a commercial this morning that you can burn 500 calories in one workout at Curves. Well in my 30 minute workout this morning where I kept my heartrate at 130-155 which 24/26 on the Curves chart I only burnt 263 calories?

How in the world can you burn 500 calories in one workout there?


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