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6/2/10 10:28 A

I never use to eat breakfast as I am NEVER hungry in the morning. I would have 2 cups of coffee and that is all. Now, I have a fruit around 9:30 with a slice of toast... and then lunch at 12:15.

HOLLYGIRL101 Posts: 103
6/1/10 1:42 P

I never eat breakfast, especially during the week. I know you're "supposed to" but it doesn't make sense to me that I have to eat even if I'm not hungry. Plus, on the rare occasion that I do eat something I'm actually hungrier than I am if I skip it altogether. The way I look at this whole weight loss thing is you have to figure out what works for you, if you followed all the well-intended advice out there you'd go crazy. I forged my own path to weight loss this time and it's been the first time I've been able to stick to my new lifestyle for longer than a month or so. I've steadily lost ten pounds a month since I started (47 total right now) so skipping breakfast can't be all that damaging.

MNHUGHES22 Posts: 40
6/1/10 10:26 A

I had similar questions one time that I brought up with my doctor. He advised me that if I wake up not hungry, it's a good indication that I ate too much, or eating too many 'slow burning' foods, the night before. According to him, waking up hungry is natural as your body has gone so many hours with out the extra fuel.

You may want to just double check your meals/portion sizes in the evenings and this may help.

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5/30/10 10:35 P

emoticon Try the Soy meal replacement shakes. Just add water & you can mix it up in a glass with a lid. Drink on the way to the gym or work. Good luck with it. emoticon

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5/30/10 7:30 P

that is a battle that i have fought with many people over the years . I do not like breakfast either . I would if given the choice i would take a breakfast lunch combo . that would fit my plan better . get ill if i eat anything of note in the early morning. I always cooked breakfast for my husband and children . my mom did not cook for us kids she stayed in bed . i got used to not eating and can not break free from that habit .

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5/30/10 5:41 P

I was reading the SparkRecipes, check out the breakfast in a mug. You don't have to add everything but at least a few things you like or have a piece of fruit. Good luck.

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5/30/10 5:34 P

emoticon I have found the Soy meal replacement shakes do well & I drink it on the way to the gym. Good luck. emoticon

CIELBEE Posts: 357
5/29/10 9:38 A

If I'm not hungry, I just eat something small along with some water. I like the mini-lara bars (or half a regular lara bar or a small banana if I'm going to the gym. I feel sick if I eat a full breakfast before going to the gym. Usually by the time I get home from the gym and shower I'm ready for something else before I head off to work. If I don't eat something in the morning (even if i don't feel hungry) I'm famished by lunch.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
5/28/10 8:45 P

I used to be like that at first, it's just recently, not sure why.

TALLGIRLX3 Posts: 506
5/28/10 2:09 P

I've always heard that you should eat breakfast with in an hour of waking up. I've also heard that you should eat every few hours (small meals, of course) to keep your metabolism boosted.

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to just get some low cal cereal bars to have on hand for the days you aren't hungry. It's not like you'll be eating much but it will still give your metabolism the morning boost it needs.

Now, I need to figure out what you're doing... I'm always starving when I wake up!

5/27/10 9:10 P

Eat something, anything within an hour.
Eat a snack within 2 hours of that.

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5/27/10 10:44 A

No great suggestions as to how to help since you're saying you're not hungry... I have NEVER been a morning eater... In fact, eating in the morning used to make me nauseous -- just to THINK about it... But since trying to lose weight, I've been MAKING myself eat in the morning...

One of the things I've tried is to get SOME of my breakfast "stuff" ready the night before (like clean the fruit I'm supposed to eat, measure out my cottage cheese, etc). At least then I don't dread having to "prepare" my meal on top of forcing myself to eat... And easy is ALWAYS a good thing for me in the morning! emoticon

Also -- do you think trying NEW recipes/foods would help at all?? Maybe you should take some time to look on the SparkRecipes site and see if anything "strikes" you...?? Was just wondering if adding that "excitement" might help you look forward to breakfast when you first wake up?

Good luck on solving your dilemma! emoticon

ROZELL99 Posts: 2,077
5/18/10 11:25 A

I have to eat breakfast to avoid THE BIG HUNGER later in the day. It also helps me regulate my blood sugar better. Not everyone has those issues which is good for them.

BUNKER01 Posts: 130
5/17/10 1:53 P

I have found that if I dont eat at least a little something for breakfast I will over eat at lunch. OR eat way too many snacks! emoticon

BUNKER01 Posts: 130
5/17/10 1:48 P

I have found that if I dont eat at least a little something for breakfast I will over eat at lunch. OR eat way too many snacks! emoticon

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5/16/10 9:13 P

I don't always feel hungry when I awaken. I have noticed, though, that if I eat breakfast within an hour of getting up I am much more productive throughout the day.

5/16/10 12:09 P

I've had that same issue. But I noticed that I feel better when I have at least something in the morning. Perhaps my appetite needs time to "wake up" as well, so 30 minutes after I wake up I have a snack.

Usually that spurs my appetite to pick up and I have breakfast. But if that doesn't work, I end up hungry around 10 am, so I'll have my "breakfast" then. Everyone's body works differently, I know I can't have a huge breakfast in the morning, but I try to get a nutrient dense meal so at least I'm getting the right things in my system, even if it's minimal.

5/15/10 11:19 A

interesting question. I actually woke up this morning "not hungry" and was trying to figure it out. What I had forgotten was I had 100 calorie popcorn at 1AM in the morning (I'm writing a speech that took up a lot of my time last night) and was ravenous at that time. I did not deny myself so I had something light. Threw my body off a bit so I was not quite as hungry this morning. That was just my experience. I hope you find your answer!

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
5/14/10 3:52 P

I was able to eat all time for breakfast.I never had a problem until recently. I would usually have breakfast about 9-930, my body always knew when it wanted breakfast, Ive been here at spark since Oct/08, no problems then or for the previous 8 years at work. Now within the last 4 months when I wake up, unless if I am working out (I always make sure I eat before I exercise at the gym, I know what I'm like during and afterwards), I just plain not hungry. Cannot fathom as to what has changed.

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5/14/10 3:17 P

I had a really hard time at first with breakfast too. I wasn't that hungry, but by the end of the day, I was ravenous. I have found that by eating early, I am not as hungry at the end of the day. I don't know your schedule, but for me, I get up and work out very early. That sets my body's need for fuel. Maybe if you can, get up at the same time each day and eat something, even a banana!

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
5/14/10 10:17 A

Is it possible to not always want to eat breakfast? I know it's the most important meal of the day. I always eat it. Lately, it seems like when I wake up (anywhere from 7:30-915am) I am not hungry. I don't always eat when I first wake up. I'm fine with that, esp. when it 7:30 am. But there are times when its 10am when I realize I haven't eaten yet, I don't see much point in eating when lunch is right around the corner. Yet I make myself eat anyways. I always had no problem before, but within the last 3 months or so, I've noticed this problem. Not sure what to do.

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