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6/14/13 4:09 P

I count it as water since the body does use it as hydration and it is basically calorie free. I'm pretty certain that it does not have aspartame, but uses sucralose instead.

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6/14/13 3:36 P

Thanks you guys for all the feedback! I really appreciate it! emoticon

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6/14/13 2:30 P

To me it is water. I track the 5 little calories and everything. Another option is Propel Zero, it has 0 calories, but it does have 30mg of sodium, I hace the Kiwi Strawberry kind.

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6/14/13 1:18 P

I love the Nestle PureLife Splash, flavoured waters...I end up getting more than my 8 cups in a day and no calories. I used to drink litres of diet coke, the flavoured water was a much better option for me.

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6/14/13 1:10 P

I will add...the 64 fl oz of water thing for many diet advice people came from a recommendation several decades ago where the expert was referring to TOTAL water consumption in a day should be that amount...including all water in foods and drinks. Even steak has water in it! In modern times, people seem to forget that an apple has water in it, but the original recommendation meant to include that. At SparkPeople, I think they are referring to liquids and they are probably letting individuals decide what counts as water. Mostly, people generally do not drink enough water without a conscious effort to do so, the resulting thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger and drink up whatever you need to help avoid fake hunger and extra calories!

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6/14/13 1:09 P

The reason I don't drink Crystal Light is because it has aspartame, which is proven to actually make you GAIN weight if you drink too much. I stay away from artificial sweeteners if I can. You can make flavored herbal tea and sweeten it with Stevia. It's much healthier. THEN it counts as water. My favorites are red raspberry and peppermint.

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6/14/13 1:05 P

Thanks for the information! emoticon

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
6/14/13 12:48 P

Typically even flavored beverages are considered water from what I've read, although coffee is debatable as it's a diuretic. I don't count juice and pop simply because I don't want to drink them at all due to the sugar content.

I do count Crystal Light, Mio and iced teas (unsweetened) because your body does use the water in them for hydration and they're no calorie. Also, I love that Mio has a zero calorie electrolyte mix. Not something I'll use every day but it's going to be great when I get back to doing long runs.

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6/14/13 12:43 P

That is totally true about drinking the additional 64 oz. I think it can be very hard. I would like to kick sugar in general, but that is easier said than done. lol

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6/14/13 11:44 A

Simple: You think it isn't, so it isn't for you. I think it is, so it is for me.

Some people ask this question about coffee or diet soda, too. Each of us has to decide this ourselves.

But, good luck drinking a bunch of coffee, diet soda and crystal light and then trying to get 8 servings of water ON TOP of that!

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6/14/13 11:34 A

Is Crystal Light considered water? I would think it isn't, but I am not sure and was wondering if anyone could tell me. Thanks in advance! emoticon

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