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11/16/11 11:58 A

I definitely get excited to cross zeros. I have attempted to lose weight several times on SP and this time, I have decided to divide the journey into mini goals and set my tracker up by tens. I am on the first ten now and have five sets to go until I reach my ultimate goal of 140. Didn't know about the spark teams dedicated to 180s, 170s, 160s, etc. Will definitely check those out!

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11/13/11 9:09 P

I never thought of it that way. Yes, I am over the moon when I slipped into the lower 10 group but from now on I will celebrate those "0" with you. emoticon

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11/13/11 4:12 P

Yes I get excited when I cross zeros in to another lower weight than what I was. That is great.

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11/13/11 4:03 P

Yeah, I love breaking out of a "decade" weight-wise. There are Spark Teams dedicated to moving through certain tens - the 190's, the 180's. Ive heard some folks refer to getting under 200 "one-derland". I am sure to post a WOO HOO for all my landmarks, just to keep myself in the celebratory, motivated frame of mind. I recently broke out of the 180's, then hit minus 25 pounds soon after. It is very cool. emoticon

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11/13/11 3:43 P


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11/13/11 1:45 P


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11/13/11 1:12 P

It's such a huge deal for me when I cross a zero on my way down the weight scale. Does anyone else get excited when your weight moves into anothergroup of tens? We celebrate birthdays that end in 0. Let's celebrate moving down below a weight that ends in zero. Crossed my first one with this first week of seriously staying on a diet, and it took 8 lbs to do it!
Now seriouly planning to celebrate by trying on jeans that were a little snug!

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