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9/15/12 6:51 P

Getting "ripped" will be mostly down to your diet.

I think adding that cardio throughout the week might be a bit much. You should get a pretty great cardio workout at Crossfit, right? I don't Crossfit, but am somewhat familiar with the exercises and the way the workouts go in general. I think you should go try a few classes and see what you think in terms of your training goals. Ask the Crossfit trainers what they think about your plan.

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9/14/12 9:18 P

im interested too, but i want to get rid of some fat first. Im still well over where i need to be.

9/14/12 5:42 P

The place we go offers 2 weeks of free class so you can see if you like it and learn the moves. I do know that crossfit has kicked our butts and we love it. We have only been doing it for 5 weeks.

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9/14/12 5:33 P

I'm debating joining crossfit as I think I need to form new gym goals but I'm concerned that I may not get "ripped" enough doing just the crossfit training. I could continue with cardio at my other gym but am wondering if I did a 3 day on Crossfit, then did a full weigh training on Day 4, then rest and perhaps some cardio through the week if this is over-training? I may have to experiment and find out but am wondering if anyone has tried this and has input. thx

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