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It really depends on the box and what you want to get out of it. I have a friend who didn't start Crossfit until he had completed a Tough Mudder but there are plenty of overweight people who do the Crossfit classes at my gym. If you're used to exercising at an intense level, I'd say go for it. Crossfit boxes also make you take 4 Foundations classes in order to learn the basic moves and format so you could use those classes as a test to see if its something you'll enjoy long term.

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2/27/14 12:49 P

I am thinking of investigating cross fit and there is a gym close to my house. I know it is pretty intense from what I have read. How fit should one be when starting it?

I do about an hour of cardio a day and have done a round of P90X but I am still about 50 pounds over weight currently and want to make sure it won't discourage me if it is too difficult.

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