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5/20/13 3:24 A

Yes it is.

I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with this. My husband suffered from it for many years, and last year underwent a large and small intestine bowel resection.

Your Treatment providers are always the people whose advice you need to follow. It is easy enough to build the nutrition around that, and the exercise. Do I assume correctly that you have had the input of a Dietitian? If not, then you are best to ask for a referral to one.

There are teams on SP for this condition - I am a Co-Leader of "Crohn's Can't Stop Me" - if you want to join, feel free to go through the link at the bottom of my signature. You will be able to garner some tips on how to deal with this.

You may also find it beneficial to create a SparkPage - it is a great way of making new friends, and getting loads more support than you would ever dream possible:-)

Take care,

5/19/13 7:20 P

I have been recently diagnosed with Crohn's, is is possible to still stay active on Spark people and follow my dietary restrictions for my treatment?

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