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TOINETTE2005 Posts: 21
2/12/09 3:18 A

Thanks for the pep talk! You help me realize how badd it is that I have been slacking off. I am going to make sure I get my work out in today right after work. Thanks again!

2/12/09 3:12 A

That was nice peptalk... I wish I could feel positive about my fight too. I am not losing weight but gaining. I have n idea what is going on in my body, I work out every day... in fact, I don't risk dropping the gym, for I need it in the morning to feel better. The adrenaline just boosts me. If my membership allowed I woujld go for a quick swim in the eneveing too so I could feel less down.
Is there a relevant link between feeling sad and not losing weight?
My confidence is right down the drain due to some private issues I don't want to expose, I try to beat this negativeity around me and my friends/ colleagues are helping, but still the situation around me makes me feel ugly, unattractive and unwanted. I have a suspisioon this is blocking my metabolism.

VEGEFARMER Posts: 4,248
2/12/09 2:56 A

While some are falling off the excercise others are jumping on board. That is the critical mass working in the light side.

CAROLR2009 Posts: 2
2/12/09 2:47 A

THANK YOU!!! I needed that pep talk. I am new to Sparkpeople and you are showing me what an inspiring and caring community this must be. I admire what you have accomplished; but, even more I admire that you are sharing that accomplishment so that others may build a better life, too. THANK YOU!!!

MISSY763 Posts: 153
2/12/09 2:44 A

thank you. I am one of those struggling to hang in...

ARMYNURSE261 Posts: 1
2/12/09 2:40 A

Thanks. It sounds like you really have been there. It's hard to keep your resolve, especially faced with stress or adversity. It takes practice. Thanks for your obvious empathy and encouragement.

CUDDY521 Posts: 6,256
2/12/09 2:37 A

Thank you for the inspiration! emoticon

2/12/09 2:33 A

Thank you so much for throwing the rope. I too am patting myself on the back for getting this far and feeling so much better, but I am so disapointed that it is taking so long to reach my'ideal'. frustrated too that I keep slipping off track. Your post has made me look for new ways to re motivate myself and remember why I started this journey.

5PIECES5 Posts: 173
2/12/09 2:30 A

Well, i want you to know that I'm on my 6th week and I'm still going strong. I'm at the gym 6 days a week, my food/caloric intake varies but most days I'm right on target...Still drinking tons of water and am down to 4 cigarettes a day. I've lost 10 pounds so far and feel so much better. This is about life change for me and I will NOT be giving in or giving up or slowing down. This is one thing I absolutely have control over in my life so I have no one to blame but myself if I were to quit...I love being at the gym. I crave it everyday and when I don't go I feel off. Thanks for posting and fight the good fight everyone.

2/12/09 2:23 A

Thank you so much for this heartfelt and wonderful post! It feels like you have written it just to me! I am so stuggling and I have needed a lifeline. I am one of the ones who has begun to lose steam, however I want to honor my commitment to myself, as you are doing for yourself. Thank you for putting yourself out there and please continue to share your have inspired me to keep moving forward to my goals!

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SUNNYONE1945 Posts: 33
2/12/09 2:11 A

Thanks so much for the courage, honesty and commitment! I'm proud of you!!! emoticon emoticon Signy

BIRCHROOT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,425)
Posts: 302
2/12/09 2:10 A

Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational.

2/12/09 2:07 A

Thanks for reaching out!

2/12/09 2:03 A

I agree 100% with your quote. "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.


SONPARI1 SparkPoints: (57,316)
Fitness Minutes: (66,994)
Posts: 4,863
2/12/09 2:03 A

Gr8 post, and at the right time too....just a reminder for all those who are falling off the wagon. Thank you.

2/12/09 1:53 A

Here, here...I'm hanging in on the westside of the states =) This post deFinately helps with the focus. Thank you for the doldrum boost!

2/12/09 1:53 A

Well,monday I just started my weight loss journey. I am only going to be on a diet for a month. I joined Weight watchers new momenteum program. I think I already lost a few lbs since I been on here mainly because I have been drinking a lot of water instead of soda.

LINDA_ELLEN SparkPoints: (48,910)
Fitness Minutes: (21,945)
Posts: 1,786
2/12/09 1:49 A

Thank you for sharing that with us! Very inspirational! It really touched my heart and I am glad that you reached your goal.

I lost 30 lbs and am still on the journey to lose about 30 - 50 lbs more.

I am now a certified fitness trainer and I am even certified in the foam roller. Soon I will be certified to do a bootcamp.


UGOGIRL2009 Posts: 787
2/12/09 1:46 A

Excellent topic - thanks so much for starting it and sharing your journey. Your words and your actions are an inspiration!

MOMNITZ Posts: 714
2/12/09 1:45 A

Thanks Arthurtom, I could tell you wrote from your heart. I just started about 2 weeks ago and it is nice to know that there is long term support. Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration. emoticon

SWIMMAN Posts: 2,309
2/12/09 1:43 A

I hear you. Thanks for this boost. I really appreciated your thought when you said "..THIS IS WHO I AM and this is who I want to be."
I can relate to this. Keep it up and you gave me a boost today :)
Thanks again.

SPARKLE72023 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,038)
Posts: 4,932
2/12/09 1:41 A

Go get 'em tiger!
Yup, you're right, it's so easy to fall off the enthusiam bandwagon at the beginning of the year but we appreciate your motivating us back into healthy exercise routines.

RPM2008 Posts: 454
2/12/09 1:40 A

Very well said....I was thinking the same way. I had someone here on SP that said she wanted us to be buddies and I agreed and I haven't heard from her or seen any changes on her page since. I was really looking forward to having a buddy but maybe she just gave up too soon. emoticon

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JMA2009 Posts: 41
2/12/09 1:38 A

Well said. You have inspired me with the "THIS IS WHO I AM"...

LELKINS71 Posts: 1,430
2/12/09 1:37 A

Thank you for the inspiration.I just started with sparkpeople and am trying to get back on the road to fitness.Up until 11-07-08 I was running 3 miles a day & was 8 months pregnant.Had a freak medical issue and ended up having a c-section and heart surgery.Good to know you are sticking with your goals.That's a community I want to be apart of.

SANDRAPSKI SparkPoints: (28,461)
Fitness Minutes: (32,502)
Posts: 86
2/12/09 1:37 A

What a wonderful post! I just got home from the gym after being AWOL for a week. The combination of feeling good from the work out and the inspiration from someone living a richer life because of a changed lifestyle NOT from "being on a diet" is a real motivator. Thanks a bunch for sharing - it mattered to me and obviously to others just based on the other comments.

ALLEYOOP123 Posts: 1
2/12/09 1:37 A

Wow! What a great message for all of us! It's hard to get up and get going on the path to change your lifestyle, but it's even harder to carry on the momentum after the first few weeks. Thanks for standing up to encourage everyone to keep moving in the right direction!

SNEZ01 Posts: 80
2/12/09 1:31 A

Thanks Arthurtom, you words are inspiring and make one want to keep on with one's goals, so far I haven't veered away however your words make me realise how easy it would be to just stop exercising to no gain!!! I will try harder, thanks again

POSITIVELY_EB Posts: 21,696
2/12/09 1:31 A

Tim, thank you for sharing! There are a few of us out here that are with you! And when our spark is high, the only way out is to share it!

Keep up the great work!

Hugs! Beverly

GOING-STRONG Posts: 6,981
2/12/09 1:31 A

Great Article. You have taken control on your life and nothing really compares with that feeling and the heightened self esteem. Keep up the good work.

MAUIGIRL08 Posts: 1,467
2/12/09 1:30 A

Hi Arthurtom!
Very touching, and so compelling. Why just last month I began to put forth my efforts to be focused on my fitness workouts and it has made a believer out of me. Why would anyone stop their efforts once they've learned it to be of value??? Here's hoping for a mass comeback! You're very stedfast and I'll be sure to check in with you every now and then just to remotivate our inspirations!

Merrianne emoticon

DEEKIT10 Posts: 1
2/12/09 1:28 A

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your positive feelings! Contagious energy! There is something terrific about the way you recognized that people, like me, might be losing focus, ambition, or excitement. Sharing your view on your accomplishments, recognizing how good you feel about things, and encouraging everyone to stay plugged in is very inspiring! Thank you!

CHRISBIGCHEESE SparkPoints: (5,451)
Fitness Minutes: (2,974)
Posts: 5
2/12/09 1:17 A

Thank you Arthurtom. I've let things get in the way of my gym time this week, but finally got back tonight. Thanks for the encouraging words!

JACQUI_2 Posts: 1
2/12/09 1:15 A

not only have I lost sight of my goals, but have not touched base with spark website. thanks AuthorTom....I,m back emoticon emoticon

2/12/09 1:14 A

Thanks for your message. I am new to the program and thanks for throwing out a rope to me. I am feeling better about trying to loose weight. I have made a few friends in only a few days and I think I have helped them and they have helped me. Your words of encouragement did not fall on deaths ear. I am sure you have helped others to get started again. I have had a little cold, so by next week I will start giving my goals 100%.

Obamagirl 1

MBGVMD Posts: 35
2/12/09 1:13 A

If your pictures are accurate correlations to weight loss you have achieved in a year's time, you are doing GREAT. I am sure you move and feel a whole lot better. Keep up the good work. emoticon emoticon emoticon

CURSTONLACE1 Posts: 2,668
2/12/09 1:13 A

Thanks for the post! You truly are inspirational! Keep up the great work! You can't force people to see the light, but you are leading by example and that's the best thing that you can do! I appreciate your words!

EILYTHIA111 Posts: 867
2/12/09 1:10 A

Thanks ArthurTom! Actually, I am getting back ON the wagon this month! I had been off for about half year or so. My mass has gotten critical to me!

I've been fighting mild depression for a couple of months - combination of being down because my marriage is going downhill very quickly, feeling guilty because I was not taking care of myself, shame because I did not achieve my goal of sticking with the program, and even physical problems such as bronchitis, sleep problems because of the bronchitis, and calcium deposits which were interrupting my sleep (pressure on nerves in my shoulders caused my whole arm to fall asleep, painfully enough to wake me up!)

I just got tired of being tired and depressed! So, it took a week or two of tentatively looking at the site, maybe recording a few points here and there, until I realized that it was ok to come back, failures and all. SparkPeople is a lifeline! And posts like yours are really encouraging.

I really do have lots of reasons to lose - another son getting married in June, my health, wanting to look good, wanting to be able to wear something other than oversize sweaters and sweatshirts, increased energy, no more depression....

WOLFKITTY SparkPoints: (71,505)
Fitness Minutes: (48,329)
Posts: 25,639
2/12/09 1:09 A

ARTHURTOM, This is EXACTLY how I feel! :) I've encouraged some of my "real life" friends to join SparkPeople, or they've asked for the "secret ingredient" and I've seen every single one of them fall by the way side. It makes me sad that I can't magically "touch" them and infuse some of my own thoughts into their heads, but it has to come from within.

It's great to see others here that are still continuing on the journey to feeling better. Wellness for all! Hooray!

MMMMMM4 SparkPoints: (32,188)
Fitness Minutes: (40,262)
Posts: 266
2/12/09 1:09 A

Thanks for sharing. Yes you are leading by example, keep up the greast work.

DEBMARIE44 Posts: 147
2/12/09 1:05 A

I thank you for giving me that motivation, I did alot of changing in my workouts and weight lifting and my eating, so the next time I weigh in I should weigh less than I was Sunday.

OAKBORN SparkPoints: (137,513)
Fitness Minutes: (222,482)
Posts: 1,585
2/12/09 1:02 A

This is a great topic... but in your case Arthurtom, look at the progress you have made! Keep going forward! You have done so well and are apparently continue to do well.

Your progress is inspiring!

JAET2009 Posts: 227
2/12/09 1:02 A


Thanks...I've garbed hold of your rope and I'm still pushing!

CHELMC76 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,315)
Posts: 86
2/12/09 12:59 A

Congratulations to you for the victory that you have accomplished thus far. It is very important to take note of those things that change you, grow you, mature you, and even allow you to encourage others along the way.

Though you encouraged us, I give you a THUMBS UP!! and I am cheering you on. I am on a journey that not only includes weight loss, but a lifestyle change. A change in eating habits, attitudes, and how I see myself. There are days (like today) that I wonder how this person or that person loses weight when I see their daily routine of eating and activity (or lack of) and I get frustrated at my turtle-crawl-loss.
Your words help me to stay focused and move at my own pace, not comparing me to anyone else. What God has for me, is for me, right?

Abundant blessings to you!

Keep up the good work

DONNA6880 Posts: 410
2/12/09 12:58 A

That was awesome. I needed that. I have been here too long and I want to have fun with my grands. You are an inspiration. emoticon emoticon

BURNLIKESTARS SparkPoints: (31,112)
Fitness Minutes: (13,731)
Posts: 5,081
2/12/09 12:56 A


DCBOHART Posts: 2,112
2/12/09 12:52 A

Fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

BENDYBEE Posts: 707
2/12/09 12:51 A

emoticon timing
emoticon for that!


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2/9/09 9:34 A


ARTHURTOM SparkPoints: (75,443)
Fitness Minutes: (79,338)
Posts: 8,330
2/9/09 8:14 A

This started out as a reply to a message board post on one of my teams, but I want to share it with the whole community so I'm going to blog it and put it in the spark cafe...

It's critical mass time.

What the heck do I mean by that?

We're already 6 weeks into the new year and I'm seeing a sad event happening around me, even here at sparkpeople. People that were fully energized and ready to take on the world have fallen off and are not exercising at the gym. Certain members on my friends list have not been active for a few days up to about 3 weeks.

While everyone that falls away has the same goal of getting into better shape, there are many reasons that some fall away from their motivation or their plans that some took some good thought and measure to create. It makes me sad to see this but yet I am not going to watch it happen quietly.

To those of us still hanging around I want to encourage you to continue on the path that you have started. Think of your goals and the outcomes that will happen once you reach those goals. It's helpful sometimes to pull out of your short term focus and daydream about that long term focus or your goal.

I sometimes picture myself at my goal, although to be truthful, I feel as if I've reached my goal already! When I started my life change in December 2007, I wanted to feel better. That was my ultimate goal. I didn't hang a number out or shoot for a certain size. I feel better now. I feel better physically. I can do things now that I wasn't able to do even in my 20's. I feel better about myself emotionally. I am very open and talk freely to anyone about anything and I am not afraid to share my innermost feelings about my life with anyone that I meet. Couldn't see myself doing that a few years ago.

I realize that it's all a part of feeling better and doing what I'm doing plays a major role in that feeling better. That is why I'm not altering my workout schedule. That is why I'm not altering my nutrition. I feel as if I've accomplished what it is that I set out to do some 14 months ago. The things I've done have become ingrained into me now and I feel so good that I'm not going to change anything because THIS IS WHO I AM and this is who I want to be.

I'm not bragging. I'm sharing my life's feelings which are at a pinnacle at this moment. If I can motivate anyone to stay the course and continue onward, then I feel as if my mission has been successful. If others try to emulate my success, it makes me happy beyond what you can imagine. I just wish I could touch people and the energy of goodness that I have could just transfer to them just from the touch but I know that can't happen so leading by example is the best thing I know of in how to accomplish that.

If you're feeling down and you need someone to talk to or listen or you have a question, feel free to hit me up. I've been at rock bottom and it wasn't that long ago I was there. I feel like I'm at the top right now and I'm throwing out ropes to help others get up here.

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I just feel really good this morning and my last thought is don't give up.

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