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9/9/12 12:04 P

You mention a pizza. Ok, it's a (big) blip on the radar....what about the rest of your meals? are you satisfied by them? are you enjoying them? You ask why you did it in the first guess is because of something else you did/didn't do with food (too little, not enough at the right time, deprivation of too many things you enjoy) or with some other stressor in your life--and, not knowing you, I can't guess what that might be...but YOU can figure it out.

Tracking food and journalling about mood when you eat/don't eat is a good way to pin down the 'whys' as far as they can be determined.

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9/9/12 6:30 A

Hey, Peaches ! You definitely can't beat yourself up because you ate the entire pizza. You ate the food. You log the food. You move on. And do be honest when logging. The more honest you are, the more you can learn about what causes your binging.

Have you read any of the great Spark articles on emotional eating ? If not, you might want to start with this one. It has some good techniques that will help you decrease the number of binges you have.

Start learning about what causes binging in a person. The better educated you become, the better you'll be able to BEAT the binges.

Why did you decide to eat the entire pizza ? Were you hungry ? Had you been restricting your calories too drastically ? Were you bored ? angry ? upset ? Something was driving you to keep on eating. If you can understand why you binged, you can decrease your binges.

Read some of the articles on emotional eating and binging. You may find them helpful.

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9/8/12 11:40 P

Hey, Peaches, let it go! So you over ate today. *shrugs* It happens to everybody occasionally, including skinny people. Just eat a little lighter for the rest of the week. Do not try to make it up in one or 2 days. Just eat maybe a 100 calories less each day.

First though, TRACK IT! I know, it is scary, but you need to see what you did.

2nd- STAY OFF THE SCALE! It will show a temporary weight gain. Don't be discouraged by that.

3rd- Understand that you will have good and bad days. That's life. Shrug it off and keep going.

4th- Repeat after me. "If I don't want to restart, I must stop quitting".

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9/8/12 6:34 P

Thanks Nancy! I guess I do put too much guilt on my self, I can't change what is past, but I'm having a hard time understanding why I did it in the first place, after I had been doing really well... I think since I'm already thin I use that as justification, "oh it's ok It wont do much and I'll do better tommorrow" but I've made a habit of doing that most meals, and someday it's going to catch up to me

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9/8/12 6:23 P


If you can let go of the guilt, that would be the best way to deal with your recent binge. I believe that guilt and shame keep us trapped in diet mentality. Remember none of us gained all our weight from one not so-health meal choice, but making poor, unhealthy choices day in and day out. All foods are permitted in any diet, but you can't let the guilt consume you.

Take care!
Coach Nancy

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9/8/12 5:50 P

I just ate a whole pizza for lunch, the WHOLE thing... Why can't I stop eating once in that mode? I knew I was full after the first slice or two.. ugh now I feel guilty... and you can say "you should have packed snacks" or "go home and eat a salad", yeah I get that but once you are so focused on a particular thing, nothing makes you happy until you get it... :/ bla!

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