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DRDIGGER Posts: 8,741
7/23/08 2:20 P

Amanda - cute but I'm not a paleontologist. If I was it would be perfect especially if it was pink or blue. I'm an archaeologist. We dig sites made by people. I can't think of something similar to do for us. But thanks for the suggestion.

AMANDA324 Posts: 443
7/23/08 2:16 P

How about getting a big "fake" dinosaur egg and placing it on your desk. If people don't catch on then put a post-it on it each day, counting down the number of days til it hatches (corresponding to your due date). Quirky but cute.

7/23/08 2:14 P

In a kids craft magazine I have, there's a recipe to make little "treasure rocks". They look like a rock, you crack it open and there's a small treat inside. You could put little baby "party favors" inside them and hand one out to each person to crack open.

If you want, I can find the recipe for you.

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DRDIGGER Posts: 8,741
7/23/08 1:59 P

Time to let everyone know! Our family, close friends, and my boss already know. This is for everyone in the office.

KITTY20 Posts: 8,183
7/23/08 1:57 P

Have a baby pin and diaper and maybe some booty's.. That would get most peoples attention.... and Congrads.... emoticon

FEELINFROGGY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/23/08 1:55 P

Are you trying to let everyone know, or your closest friends. If you are crafty you could get one of those blank precut puzzles and make some cute picture and design on it and then give a piece to each of your co workers in some creative way!! And let them know that each has one and they need to "piece it together"!

DRDIGGER Posts: 8,741
7/23/08 1:50 P

Not in the field now. I work in an office. And planting 'artifacts' is generally frowned upon but I thought of that myself. We're scattered in different labs so it would be hard to plant things and still let everyone know at the same time.

FEELINFROGGY1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,988)
Posts: 3,023
7/23/08 1:41 P

I agree DLW0828 just buy a couple little things, pacifier, rattle, diaper pins and leave them lay different obvious places. See who gets it!!

AND emoticon emoticon

DLW0828 Posts: 1,025
7/23/08 1:35 P

Not sure if I have any creative ways to break the news, but just wanted to say

emoticon emoticon

An archaeologist, huh? Are you on or around an active dig at all? Maybe "planting" hints around - an old rattle, pacifier, a shred of a blanket, things like that?

WREATHOFBARBS SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,145
7/23/08 1:30 P

how about you bring in a bunch of baby foods like baby carrots, baby zucchini, and make them into crudites...and see if anyone catches on :D

DRDIGGER Posts: 8,741
7/23/08 1:28 P

Need your help fellow Sparkpeople. I'm ready to tell my coworkers about my pregnancy, but I want to do it in a fun and creative way. I'm an archaeologist if that will help. What are your ideas?

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