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9/5/13 6:53 A

If you have the opportunity, find a copy of the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead." It is about an Australian who dieted across America from the East Coast to the West Coast. He made the trip in 60 days, and using a green juicing diet, lost 100 pounds on that trip.

My sister told me about the documentary. She and her husband started drinking Fruit Smoothies as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. They eat a regular evening meal. In 60 days, she has lost 25 pounds, and her husband has lost 55 pounds.

I started the diet two weeks ago tomorrow. When I started I weighed 306. This morning I weighed 288. And that is without any exercise! I plan on continuing drinking the frozen fruit smoothies for two meals per day until I am down to around 200 pounds. I am a 75 year old male, who is in reasonably good health otherwise.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,700
9/4/13 7:14 P

Save it as a recipe or as a meal- applies to both MFP and Spark

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9/4/13 6:01 P

I am trying to put together a menu plan to make my life easier and to insure good food choices! Will repost when I complete it.

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9/4/13 5:24 P

No, there's no way to do an image upload.

However, you can create a recipe on that will appear in your nutrition tracker here, and allow you to select the individual recipe each time for easy tracking.

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9/4/13 3:56 P

Sorry about the reference to MFP. I posted this message on that site as well. I have been a web site user for about 8 years, and am looking for a website where I can make it easy to input my daily intake of food since I drink a Frozen Fruit Smoothie for breakfast and lunch each day, and do not want to go to the trouble of inputting EACH INGREDIENT for each meal.

I also have pictures (jpg format) of the food items and nutritional label that I would like to upload. I used to be able to do that in, but it seems less user friendly now and will not allow such uploads. Does allow these uploads?


WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
9/4/13 1:50 P

Probably best to ask this on myfitnesspal.

CMCOLE explained really well how to do it here on SP - I do her second option and just copy it from day to day.

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9/4/13 12:38 P

Cannot answer for MFP, but for Spark People tracker you have a few options:

Create a recipe, and just choose 1/2 of it, or make it say that it creates two portions.

Create a grouping after you've entered the ingredients once; and then all you have to do is choose the group after that.

Once the item is in place in your menu, you can choose "copy foods" and copy it to any other day or meal you wish.

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9/3/13 7:38 P

I started on a Frozen Fruit Smoothie diet about 10 days ago. I fix enough of the recipe each morning for two meals, breakfast and lunch. Is there a way on the website where I can enter the meal one time and then copy it for the rest of the meals that I substitute the Smoothie in place of a regular meal? It would be too much trouble to list the ingredients every single time (2 times a day) when I had the meal.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.
Ed Wood

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