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1/7/13 4:12 P

I definitely wouldn't go with the "hold the nose and choke it down" thing --- don't think I could do it if I tried!

The information that I use to figure out what will help me raise my levels of soluble fibre (the kind found in oatmeal but less so in cream of wheat) is a bit old, but easy for me to read:

I tend to go with more apples and brussels sprouts each day, instead of relying on oats.

Hope this helps!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
1/7/13 3:21 P

i too hate oatmeal. but i use oats in other things so that i get some of the benefits of the oats. the oatmeal raisin cookies are a stretch, but i am pretty sure the granola and the oat muffins count. as i side note, i actually make those things, not buy them.
but granola in/with some yogurt is a quick and easy breakfast that has oat. or an oat muffin.

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1/7/13 2:09 P

I am not a fan of either given all those easy-to-digest carbs, but really.....please, please never eat something just because it is healthy for you. Do not choke anything down. That way leads to cravings and binge eating. Success in this journey will come from finding the healthy foods that you naturally like and find satisfying while you avoid the unhealthy foods that you like and leave you wanting more. Find a good alternative cereal if you must eat cereal....or do something to that oatmeal to make it taste good.

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1/7/13 1:09 P

Thank all of you for your replies, I appreciate it. In answer to some of the questions, I cook the Oatmeal in water as a breakfast meal (slow cook kind), then add cinnamon, I've even tried adding mixed berries, which made it worse. Really all I was doing was trying to get a fast, heart healthy breakfast. I haven't been diagnosed with high cholesterol, mainly because I haven't been tested for it, but I know I've never eaten right so chances are the numbers aren't good. I might do as suggested and eat the beans, I love those, and browse the Oatmeal recipes. Thank you all again emoticon


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1/7/13 12:09 A

I eat oatmeal almost every day. If you look in the recipe area of spark there are some interesting things to do with oatmeal. I'm not eating gluten so oatmeal is the choice for me. Try a teaspoon of maple syrup (the real stuff) really adds some good flavor.

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1/6/13 11:59 P

In my book it is nuts to force yourself to eat something you don't like, no matter how healthy it is, unless you have to for a medical condition. I once tried one of those infamous '3-day diets' they used to tout back in the 70's. You only ate certain things. At one of the meals you were supposed to eat two hard boiled eggs. Now, I hate hard boiled eggs. I actually almost threw up trying to force them down.

Oatmeal is certainly more nutritious than cream of wheat, but it's not like your health will go up in smoke if you eat cream of wheat instead of oatmeal. It's all about balance. I, for instance, hate chicken; yes, it is healthier than beef, but I just can't eat it. I'm still healthy and I can lose weight without eating it.

I like oatmeal, but I can't eat it plain. I add brown sugar, nuts and usually either raisins or dried cranberries or a fruit like blueberries or strawberries. And a very little milk. If you haven't, experiment with different additions, if you want to eat oatmeal.

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1/6/13 10:32 P

I love both, but I agree w/ the others: don't eat it if you truly hate it.
Having said that, I love SUNONMAPLES suggestion to get creative!

I stir in almond butter and a little Spenda brown sugar. Mmmm!! You can mix in PB2 (the powdered pnut btr) w/ some sugar free mixed berry jam...yum! How about some slivered almonds or pecans w/ some Joseph's sugar free pancake syrup? Or do the almond btr w/ the syrup - that's really good.

Other times, I will pile it with all kinds of berries (straw, blue, blk, rasp - maybe sliced peaches in summer) and some Spenda. If I am feeling decadent, I'll measure out some Trader Joe's heavy cream and put that on top (OMG - so good - but it's a treat, not the norm).

I've been enjoying Atkin's Daybreak Oatmeal Fiber Squares. They come in cinnamon or blueberry almond. They also make a chocolate oatmeal fiber bar that's good. Both make excellent car food if you're on the road a lot.
More companies are making oatmeal squares, so if Atkins isn't your thing, there may be others to choose from.

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1/6/13 10:15 P

How do you cook your oatmeal? Would you ever consider fixing it a different way and giving that a try? I used to dislike it (never to the point of holding my nose. I just chose other breakfasts). Lately, I will make it with brown sugar and blueberries and some chopped nuts -- I prefer walnuts. This is admittedly a bigger meal than just water-and-oats-cooked, but it tastes good. Sometimes I mix some of my greek yoghurt in and then it really tastes, to me, almost like a dessert for breakfast. It really does keep me full. Unlike the yummy but processed Honey Oat Cheerios that I ate this a.m. It's 10 pm now and I am starving (and I already ate all that I should for the day!).

I think I'm going to finish up the strawberries and hope that helps curb my hunger now!

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1/6/13 8:20 P

I usually do oatmeal but on occasion I will do cream of wheat

1/6/13 7:02 P

Cream of wheat does not contain the beneficial fiber as does oatmeal.
But there are plenty of other ways to lower cholesterol through your food selections---don't force down oatmeal, if you don't like it. Go for beans, fruits, veggies and other whole grains.
Dietitian Becky

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1/6/13 6:09 P

I wouldn't eat anything that I didn't have to that I had to plug my nose to get down, no matter how healthy. Cream of wheat is more processed, but I'm assuming you aren't talking about the 'instant' varieties of each. The CofW doesn't have those same benefits that you are talking about. Overall, oatmeal is healthier but again, if you hate it that much, does it really matter?

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1/6/13 5:02 P

I love cream of wheat but I'm not very fond of Oatmeal, so I was wondering if Cream of Wheat has the same cholesterol lowering, good heart health benefits that Oatmeal has, or if I should just suck it up, hold my nose and choke down the Oatmeal.


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