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Crazy but at least its a goal?

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Posts: 5,922
1/20/13 8:30 P

nice goal.........go kick some serious butt............!!!!!!!!

SparkPoints: (3,352)
Fitness Minutes: (1,916)
Posts: 30
1/20/13 10:09 A

Im so glad I have all you guys.all I can think is..oh my what have I gotten myself into but then I read your encouragement...thanknyou all!

Posts: 4,796
1/20/13 3:47 A

Sounds awesome STEF811, I've seen shows on that race and similar, it's tough. We'll all be cheering you on!

Posts: 645
1/20/13 12:10 A

I think it is great that you have a goal.

SparkPoints: (8,309)
Fitness Minutes: (5,095)
Posts: 285
1/19/13 11:43 P

Stef811.... I think that's an AWESOME goal!!!! Not crazy at all. I actually have thought about doing one too because it looks like it's lots of fun!!! GO FOR IT!!!!!


SparkPoints: (54,986)
Fitness Minutes: (14,173)
Posts: 9,523
1/19/13 9:29 P

Not crazy at all. :) I keep trying to train for tough mudder, but injuries (unrelated to training, generally) keep sidelining me.

There's a team here somewhere for it! Check it out!

SparkPoints: (20,346)
Fitness Minutes: (53,178)
Posts: 154
1/19/13 7:30 P

What a great goal! Training for an event like that isn't crazy it will be life changing.

SparkPoints: (3,352)
Fitness Minutes: (1,916)
Posts: 30
1/19/13 7:17 P

Thank you all! June 22 is the day! whats really ironic is thatnis actually 3 days after the three year anniversary of my divorce being finalozed. Its significant thusnyear because I am finally starting to move past the abuse of that relationship!

Posts: 33,498
1/19/13 5:18 P

This not in the remotest way "crazy". It's a great goal!

The race will be fun. :) Yes, 22 weeks is definitely time to train, from any level.

It's always MUCH better to focus on behaviour-based goals than non. Your "weight" is not something you can actually control that easily. With stress, salt, fluid, time of month, and a lot of other variables also affecting your "weight", what you do for dieting and exercising can often not result in the desired effects, even if you're doing everything right! So having a goal like "lose 10 lbs" is actually pretty unrealistic, and a lot more crazy than a goal like "complete xyz event".

Good on you! Great goal! Have fun!

Posts: 412
1/19/13 4:46 P

I don't think it is crazy at all.

SparkPoints: (3,352)
Fitness Minutes: (1,916)
Posts: 30
1/19/13 4:42 P

Im a very goal oriented person so instead of having a number to work towards I decided an event would do. I find long distance running boring (just me) but last night my friends mentioned they are doing the Tough Mudder race in June. I was at the gym this am and met with a trainer and asked if 22 weeks was enough time to be ready...she...AGREED! (after working me HARD). Im throwing out my scale. she will weigh and measure me and revise my program monthly....Im terrified that Im insane but I figure may as well make this life worthnit since its all I have.

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