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BECKSIES Posts: 46
6/11/14 10:41 A

Oh I love anything salty, convinced it makes me retain water though!

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6/11/14 10:38 A

Chocolate, always chocolate-well then gotta have something salty-EVERYTHING today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BECKSIES Posts: 46
6/11/14 10:36 A

Good luck to you...I'm finding I'd rather eat my salad than a chocolate bar full of E numbers though I do miss the enormous amounts of cheese I previously put away lol!

I'm also caning the cups of water when previously I'd just do on tea and coffee.

ATLGIRL12 Posts: 24
6/11/14 10:25 A

I'm with you! I just had baby #2. I didn't lose everything from baby #1 the first time so I'm on a mission to get back to prebabies body. I am finding it easier this time around to stick to the kind of food I should be eating and not really having as much temptation as I've had other times I've been on a weight loss mission. Knock on wood that this keeps up! Good luck to you!!!

BECKSIES Posts: 46
6/11/14 10:15 A

I can't believe it, I've had to come back to SP after 4 years because I had a baby and then ate like a pig for a year but already after only 5 days I'm no longer craving the junk food I was cramming in, my boss bought me a chocolate bar earlier and asked me to try it (some weird banana flavor thing he wanted an opinion on) and I managed to just eat one piece, then I looked at the ingredients and felt SICK! I'm so pleased and I know this extra weight will eventually fall off :)

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