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TSHAIGOOD SparkPoints: (47,961)
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4/13/10 2:43 P

I also have a pantry full of vinegars. I love to mix several varieties when making homemade salad dressings. According to "google"
there are many health benefits!

GSREMUS5 Posts: 200
4/13/10 1:03 P

I have about 8 vinegars in my pantry. I love balsamic & red wine, but have started getting into champaign vinegars & other flavors from World Market!

HEIDICOLT Posts: 551
4/13/10 1:02 P

i love vinegar in almost all forms. i wont drink white vinegar straight but thats about my only restriction. Ive drank pickle juice for as long as i can remember. and i love love love balsamic vinegar. I will go in the kitchen and eat a few spoonfuls of either balsamic vinegar or worchestershire sauce when im feeling snacky. tastes yummy and helps end my craving since im a salt addict.

i dont know about health benifits for sure, but my grandmother always said vinegar was good for cleansing out the colon. i dont know if that was an old wives tale or something the doctors told where when she had colon cancer.

MARIABELLA Posts: 2,388
4/13/10 12:56 P

I crave balsamic vinegar!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,016
4/13/10 12:41 P

I talked to my Mom about this the other day.

I believe someone in her physical therapy group (or somewhere else) swears by 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar/day. It helps with acid reflux. It also has other benes that now escape me.

4/13/10 12:34 P

Vinegar no, pickles yes

RED_RIDING_HOOD Posts: 1,397
4/13/10 12:32 P

Vinegar has minerals and helps aid in digestion. I am pretty sure there are other reasons but this is the one I know.

Hope it helps

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (147,590)
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4/13/10 12:29 P

OH !! You are definitely not alone ! Now, I don't crave white vinegar. eewww... BUT, I have craved balsamic or red wine vinegar. Some days, I ate a salad just to have the balsamic vinegar.

I loooooooooooove balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar. (insert Homer drool here) I honestly can't explain why I get a craving for it some days. I just do.

PS - How much are you drinking ? I only have enough to coat a salad. That's enough for me. Too much vinegar could upset your stomach.

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4/13/10 12:27 P


CHICAGOWINDY SparkPoints: (16,065)
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4/13/10 12:25 P

I love pickle vinegar/brine. I've always loved pickles, but not too long ago my husband who is a vinegar-aholic wanted me to try the juice in the pickle jar....I'M HOOKED! I have cravings for it sometimes, but you've got to watch that sodium. Not sure about the benefits, unless you have acid-reflux. My husband used to have a really bad problem with reflux and apple cider vinegar helped...

LYSAX13 SparkPoints: (45,465)
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4/13/10 12:21 P

I love vinegar and I have heard claims that apple cider vinegar has healthful effects. I haven't been craving it lately but I love it on salads and usually eat it minus the oil, even at Subway- also hold the oil. I have taken swigs straight out of the bottle. I love the smell - like when we used to dye easter eggs when we were a kid, so you are not alone- just make sure you drink the right kind.

4/13/10 12:08 P

Hey there I was wondering if anyone out there shares a simular craving for vinegar. I'm trying to figure out why I crave it and if it's bad to drink to much or actually good for me. I heard that the body will crave what the body needs.. but what could possibly be good in vinegar? Any answers????

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