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4/9/13 6:15 P

Up to a week ago, I too craved sugary foods. Best bet is just to stop cold turkey eating it. Mind over matter! Every night I would have to have something ( just thinking about it makes my mouth water.) Keep lots of fruits around as they to help to curve your sweet tooth.

I know how difficult it seems to stop doing it, and it's not any easier said then done, but you can totally do it!!

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4/9/13 2:29 P

Minty gum usually helps! Otherwise I would say indulge in a small amount of chocolate then wrap it up and put it somewhere you can't see it.

4/9/13 1:58 P

You may want to try our Sparkpeople 4-week challenge to break sugar addiction.


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4/9/13 1:18 P

I have the dreaded chocolate cravings too! Honestly, what I do is I indulge when I feel it is appropriate-- To each his own there. But I don't want it to become something I do daily. I crave it more when I tell myself I can't have it. I CAN have anything I want. I can CHOOSE not to though. I merely tell myself instead of " You'll feel better if you just eat it" I say " Actually, I'll feel better if I don't. My body will feel better if I don't. Chocolate will exist for a long, long time. It's not going anywhere anytime soon."

I've heard that carob can also satisfying chocolate cravings-- And a small amount of a dark chocolate on fruit works for some people. Just depends on who you are and what works for you. :)

Just my input.

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4/9/13 1:04 P

Mostly Chocolate, I am craving sweet foods like crazy.

3/30/13 2:46 P

What type of foods?
Can you share more?

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3/30/13 1:12 P

What is the best way to stop food cravings?

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