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GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
5/28/10 10:17 A

I usually get a vegtable plate. While some of the vegtables may not be cooked as healthy as we make at home- still vegtables and better then a lot of other things. Hope this helps.

STEPHNMS Posts: 11
5/28/10 9:59 A

Thanks everyone. We're heading out for our day of movies and shopping, and I'm ready for Cracker Barrel. I have my calories mapped out for the day and I WILL NOT STRAY!

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
5/25/10 8:35 A

There's probably tons of butter in this, but I almost always get grilled chicken tenderloins, carrots, and green beans.

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
5/25/10 8:24 A

My favorite go-to meal from CB is egg whites (ask without butter or oil when cooking) with wheat toast (dry) and sugar free jelly on the side (they have that!) So yummy AND healthy. Sometimes I order the fruit on the side (it's usually a banana or strawberries)

STEPHNMS Posts: 11
5/25/10 7:26 A

Thanks so much for the suggestions, everyone!
emoticon emoticon

SILLYBERRY Posts: 1,321
5/25/10 1:16 A

I went to look at their menu (bad idea, I'm studying and hungry and 8 pounds of bacon sounds awesome right now!), and it totally struck me that they seem stuck in a 1990s time warp. While I appreciate that they have a low-carb menu, it seems surprising to me that they don't have any offerings identified as low-fat.

Anyway, I would suggest the grilled chicken tenderloins with a side salad, the grilled catfish, or perhaps the Oven Roasted Turkey Salad. Or modified breakfast, as Kappel suggested.

KAPPEL6391 Posts: 98
5/24/10 11:51 P

they have oatmeal and fruit
they have a selection of cereals..cheerios, special k, wheaties, corn flakes..

they also have a low carb selection with whole wheat bread and they offer sugar free fruit spreads.

they also have a lot of alternatives.. like egg beaters, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, sugar free syrup, promise spread,

you could get a grilled chicken salad with dressing on the side or grilled chicken breast with veggies

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
5/24/10 11:08 P

if nothing else, they let anyone order from the kid's menu. that at least means a smaller portion.

SHADOWMOM Posts: 564
5/24/10 10:06 P

I order from the Low Carb page on the menu, the veggies are steamed, no butter or anything like that.

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ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
5/24/10 9:56 P

Ooooh yeah Cracker Barrel is a tough one!! Your best bet is eat light throughout the day but eat a raw veggie snack right before you go so you aren't starving. Then order grilled chicken and veggies but still watch your portions...they most likely will still drown the veggies in butter...and if there is something you really like from there hopefully someone else orders it and you can have a nice bite of it. Good luck, I know I personally owe a good pound or 2 to their country fried breakfast!!!

STEPHNMS Posts: 11
5/24/10 9:36 P

Can anyone suggest some healthy menu options from Cracker Barrel? We're going there this week, and I don't want to blow my diet. (I'm trying to stay under 1,500 daily calories). I checked their website, and the best I can come up with is grilled chicken tenderloin, corn, green beans, and maybe some applesauce.

Thanks for your help!

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