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3/5/14 11:55 A

As others have noted, sometimes a free item isn't really free. Some businesses call these kinds of coupons "lost leaders". They have a spectacular sale on one item in hopes that you'll buy other stuff along with it at the regular price.

Check the fine print carefully. Some businesses require you to purchase a certain amount before a sale price is given. My local supermarket does that. Buy X amount of Progresso soup and get it for $2 each. BUT, buy $20 worth of groceries and those same cans of soup become $1.50 each. You have to purchase the minimum before getting the sale. That's not always clear because the store almost always puts the lower sale price in bold, but the exception in teeny tiny print.

One thing I've noticed is that lately, you have to buy 2-3 items in order to get the sale price. Buy three, get one free.

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3/5/14 11:39 A

Can you get the item elsewhere? The "up to" amount is usually really high; if a store price is more than the manufacturer's suggested price, you have to wonder if they're ripping you off on everything else, too.

On the rare occasions when I've been in this situation the store gave me the item free, anyway. YMMV, of course. Coupon policies are up to the retailer.

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3/5/14 7:47 A

I agree with LADYCJM. You need to be prepared when working the system of these coupons.

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3/4/14 10:38 P

It would depend on the store policy. Most stores post their coupon policy on line but if yours doesn't ask at the service desk for a copy.

In the situation you described, the store I shop at would honor the coupon for the max amount and charge me the difference.

If you are in that situation, bring the policy with you as not all cashiers know the nuances in the policy

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3/4/14 9:51 P

Gotta love it when coupons can get you free stuff!--but I was just wondering if anyone knows about freebie coupon policies... Say you have a coupon for something free, but there's a maximum price listed (value of free item not to exceed $$$). If you get the item but it's price at that store is over the max, do you still a discount for that amount if you use the coupon, or can you not use it at all then?

--Sorry if that question was a bit confusing!

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