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5/7/14 1:17 P

I did Crossfit once and got Rhabdomyolysis. you can google it. It led to about $500 in medical bills and that was after insurance. (this was for the question from LUCKYLORA677). my suggestion would be to not go all out like I did, and if they want you to do 40 burpees and 20 pullups and 30 pushups all in one 10-minute session, listen to your body and not the "coach".

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5/7/14 12:49 P

I haven't been sure about this either. I have just called it 'circuit training' and put in the 20 minutes or so that the WOD takes. i dont burn as much as I used to at the Y where the class was a full hour or I would swim for an hour...but there's a definite difference in the muscle i'm building now!

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4/21/14 9:34 A

I do crossfit 4-5 times a week and love the variety! I read an article where they averaged women burn 12.6 calories per minute. So I only count the time the workout lasted. So today my workout was 14 mins so I burned 176...hope this helps.
This was the article

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3/25/14 1:04 P

I'm still new to the whole crossfit thing - in fact am just now working up the courage to even TRY it. What's the general consensus on starting crossfit if you are WAY out of shape? Will this be a good thing or am I getting in over my head?

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3/25/14 10:20 A

Yeah. This certainly isn't the site for crossfit tracking. I just put in 300 calories for an hour crossfit class and leave it at that. I read that that's the average somewhere on the internet....

3/7/14 10:55 A

I am having the same problem. I also noticed when I do other workouts that include exercises likes burpees and mountain climbers that I cannot find anything like them in the exercise logs. I could enter them in myself but I have no idea how many calories they burn. Any suggestions?

2/27/14 11:14 A

If you are serious about an actual number you might want to get a heart rate monitor. I would enter in my strength stuff and whatever cardio I could estimate. However, that was really more for keeping track of the weights that I used.

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2/27/14 10:03 A

The gym I go to has a good 5 minute cardio warmup, a weightlifting time and then the workout of the day which varies in time, but is always cardio intensive die to either the weights or the actual cardio...everyday is different, which is why I love it!

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2/27/14 9:42 A

Crossfit is generally circuit-training style workouts, so I'd just use the generic circuit training entry, unless you're actually stopping between workouts.

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2/26/14 1:38 P

I do Crossfit on average 3/week. I just started using this site, so not sure how to count the exercises. We do so many it's too cumbersome to individually list everything each time I go. I was thinking an average of 300 calories is burned for the hour time I 'm there. Some workouts are ten minutes with weights, others more cardio. Thoughts from fellow crossfiters?

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