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1/10/14 1:29 P

I agree! I don't care what my scale says as long as my clothes fit better! I want my old wardrobe back this summer!

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1/8/14 2:28 P

emoticon emoticon

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1/8/14 2:46 A

I used to eat VERY low fat diet - well before I started losing weight. I would be lucky to get even 20 grams in my diet. I have since worked at it, and my Dietitian also prescribed a supplement (not for this reason tho') which upped my daily fat by another 8 grams. Now I generally manage between about 32-45 grams - the higher level on a "good" day. We NEED some fat, but it is the type of fat that the problem is. Fats found in oily fish (think sardines and salmon) avocado, nuts, olive oil and rice bran oil are excellent. My reason for low fat was that I just don't like the feel of it in my mouth. I still choose low fat - but dressings (which I don't have much of anyway), margarine, yoghurt and soy milk.

As far as those scales weighing differently to the Dr's scales, that is very common. Perhaps you didn't notice it before because you weren't really tracking that hard? I know that with my scales there WERE accurate. Now I can get on them, get straight on again and show a different weight. I now ONLY weigh at my Medical Centre where they have those big hospital ones that are far more accurate. I generally relied on how my clothes fit as a better gauge. Energy levels and ease of doing exercise are also very good ways to judge success. As your energy and fitness improves, you just present your body with something a little bit more challenging :-)


1/7/14 10:47 P

MJEFFERSON23 as soon as I ate the required amount of calories, maintained it and regular cardio, after about 2-weeks I started losing weight. I'm so baffled that I'm full and losing weight!
I also switched to more "real" foods. No more fat-free or light, no more processed and I don't deny myself. If I want some potato chips - I have some but I follow the suggested serving size and try to stick within my calorie range.
Since I started eating what I require and work out regularly I'm averaging a pound a week loss.
If I really work out and "earn" more calories to eat - I don't. I stick to the daily requirements before exercise.

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1/7/14 9:48 P

Sounds like I may have been too enthusiastic. I have "Fat-free" everything. I never go over my calorie range, sometimes I stay way under. For example I earned over 1500 calories for a few days, but I did not eat them. Maybe my body is fighting back and I should loosen up a little bit.

1/5/14 7:44 P

Ways to increase your calories without eating crap or excessively

- Sprinkle 1 tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese on veggies, potatoes and salads
- Add chia seeds, ground flax, hemp hearts or nuts to cereal, salads, yogurt
- Switch to Greek yogurt
- Incorporate avocado's into your recipes
- Switch to whole milk rather than skim
- Add olive oil (I marinate my meat in olive oil - tenderizes nicely)

Eating your daily caloric requirements really helps rev up your metabolism and prevents your body from thinking it must store calories to live.

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1/5/14 6:38 P

emoticon I'm not losing as much weight as I would like either. Since October I have lost 8 lbs, but I keep picking up 2 or 3 and not losing. I only weight myself a few times a month. I would be so discouraged if I looked everyday.

I am also having trouble eating all of my calories. Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement. I hope to see some results on the scale soon.

I do see a difference in my clothes and the way I feel. I just need to work on my eating habits.

1/5/14 6:07 P

I agree...Put the scale away! Don't base your success on the numbers use them only as a guide.

If you seen an improvement on the scale at your doctors office then go back there and use their scale. You shouldn't need an appointment just walk in and ask to use it. If you see a noticeable difference then it's time to toss your current scale. If it is true and you haven't lost as much as you feel you should have then it's time to switch up your routine.

Eat your calories - if you do not meet your daily goal you will not lose weight. I wasn't eating my caloric goal and the weight was barely coming off. I mentioned it to my doctor and he told me to eat more calories - add cheese, butter and mayo so that I can get up to my minimum goal. Because I was working out more than usual and not eating enough fuel, my body was storing everything I ate because it wasn't getting enough. Now I enjoy the higher caloric foods, get up to my caloric goal and have been losing a pound a week - even during Christmas.

It is also wise to eat the bulk of your calories earlier in the day. Fuel for your body and less digesting while sleeping or relaxing.

I've been on SP since October 21 and have lost 11 pounds. I have more energy, clothing is getting baggy and I've lost 2 inches overall.

Don't base your success on how much weight you've lost or not. Just concentrate on making healthy habits (drinking water, eating proper calories and move your butt). The weight will come off once those habits are established.

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1/5/14 5:53 P

lol....step away from the scale!! :)

You already hit the nail on the head, "Yes, my clothes are looser" - so that's how right now your body is measuring change!!

I don't know how long it's been since the scale at your house has moved (do you need a new scale??), but some people don't see the scale move for weeks. I've seen it not move for a while, then one day get on and it's two pounds lighter!

One thing to think about is, how is your sodium intake? Sodium makes me hold on to weight like a mad woman...and it's hidden in so much food.

Another thing, maybe change up your exercise routine?

5 pm and 700 calories? You need to eat a healthy meal, not do 2 hours of aerobics tonite.

I know it's frustrating.

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1/5/14 5:41 P

I have been on Spark People since October 7th, and I have lost very little weight for so long a time. I've lost 8 pounds, and when I went to the doctor, the scale said I had lost 11 more pounds! I was elated and even posted it, but when I got back on my scale at home and it registered the same 8 pounds It's been the same for weeks and weeks and weeks now! I've weighed on the first floor, the second floor, in the basement, bought a new battery, still the same. I always weigh on the same time of day, with the same clothes. I've heard it all, I'm older, I'm building muscle, look for Non Scale Victories, blah, blah, blah! But could the Scale please move a little more, already? Even 1/2 pound a week would be nice!

Every day, I've stayed within my calorie range, drank 64 oz. of water, reduced salt, exercised like a madwoman, and slept 8 hours every night, still the scale won't move!
Yes, my clothes are looser, and my stamina and energy have increased, but could the scale please move? I'm still over 200 pounds and that's not right.

It is 5pm and I'm at 700 calories for the day! HELP! before I jump up, put 20,000 more steps on my tracker and do two hours of high impact aerobics with no more food! What else can I do?

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