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7/23/13 6:29 P

...and dinner too! I'm taking a thermos of icey green smoothie to my night job.

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CATIEBELLE Posts: 6,201
7/23/13 6:26 P

Just depends what ingredients you make it with

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HLTHAPPINESS4C Posts: 22,841
7/23/13 3:15 P

I think you can as long as you have plenty of protein. Smoothies are quick and easy!

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JLEMUS1 Posts: 4,054
7/23/13 3:09 P

You sure can!!

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7/23/13 2:51 P

Absolutely, especially if you use milk, fruit, a fiber additive, and some protein powder. Fills you up and gives you great things to help you stay full throughout the morning. Our favorite is soy milk, chocolate protein powder, malt powder, a banana, a scoop of fiber, and a few ice cubes. YUMMY!

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TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
7/21/13 6:38 A

Good to know that Smoothies count as breakfast

1SHEYLA Posts: 8,767
7/21/13 4:19 A


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7/20/13 6:23 P

I like them for breakfast now and then, made with Greek yogurt for plenty of protein, and fresh fruit and a little fruit juice.



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7/20/13 4:44 P

Have had smoothies for breakfast. Just added some protein mix to it. The only problem is that my stomach was growling soon. Maybe needing something more solid to digest?

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7/20/13 12:28 P

Of course. Just make sure they include protein. It's best to make your own. If you are talking about Jamba Juice type smoothies, you can get complete nutritional information. Just keep track of the calories.

I have smoothies for breakfast almost every day.

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SUGAR0814 Posts: 4,995
7/20/13 12:20 P



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MADEIT3 Posts: 2,586
7/20/13 10:22 A

As often as possible - love the green sludge ones.

Stacy, KS

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MKMMARTY Posts: 3,524
7/20/13 10:06 A

I eat - drink this often for m breakfast

WLIBERTY SparkPoints: (69,431)
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7/20/13 10:02 A

Yes, if it's made with the right ingredients.

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (356,246)
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7/20/13 9:54 A

yes with protein powder in it

JSLICE812 SparkPoints: (14,098)
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7/20/13 9:51 A

of course

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7/20/13 9:51 A


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7/20/13 9:44 A


MNOT2THICK Posts: 10,773
7/20/13 9:40 A

sure, yogurt, fruit, nuts and juice

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FINDINGMYSELF33 SparkPoints: (414)
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7/20/13 2:36 A

Yeah as long as you have enough and they are made right i would say

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7/20/13 1:25 A


KKLENNERT809 Posts: 9,610
7/20/13 12:37 A

It all depends on what is in it--mine are healthy and not more calories than I would normally consume for breakfast. It keeps me full since I balance the protein, carbs and fat.

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ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,191
7/19/13 11:41 P

to many calories

ERINTFG SparkPoints: (42,838)
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7/19/13 11:14 P

I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. It gives me five servings of fruits and vegetables, plus a good amount of fiber and protein. Mine includes spinach, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, oatmeal, greek yogurt, and almonds.

I'd be glad to share the recipe with you if you want. :)

7/19/13 10:42 P

Yes, smoothies can count as breakfast.

ALA1959 SparkPoints: (1,972)
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7/19/13 10:35 P

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This first meal fuels the body and boosts daily metabolism. For those that have a busy lifestyle and find it difficult to take time to make or eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, there are easy shortcuts.

Making several servings of a breakfast smoothie in advance is a quick and easy way to have a healthy breakfast. Several servings can be made at once, divided out and stored for several days. From there, it is easy to grab a serving from the refrigerator and drink a healthy meal on the go.


BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
7/19/13 5:53 P

Yes. I make a homemade smoothie with chia seeds every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I will have a snack mid morning too.

Enjoy the process
7/19/13 1:06 P

I agree with the pp; if you're making it yourself, you can sneak in some really healthy ingredients. I almost always do a smoothie for breakfast. I make them myself- usually spinach, chia seeds, blueberries, greek yogurt, a little pb, and unsweetened almond milk. I find that I'm not hungry until lunch as long as there's a good bit of protein in there.

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7/19/13 1:00 P


ANARIE Posts: 12,842
7/19/13 12:54 P

Are you talking about one that you make, or one that you buy? If you're going to put fruit, veggies, milk, yogurt, etc into a blender, then that's the same as eating those foods out of a dish. You've just changed the shape. It will be as good as what you put in it.

But if you're talking about going to Smoothie King or someplace like that, then you're getting a fast-food breakfast. They put tons of sugar and sometimes even fat into their drinks, so that sometimes you're getting more than half a day's calories all at once with very little nutrition. They're basically huge milkshakes, as another poster already said. In some cases you'd be better off with a DQ Blizzard.

ZZYYGGY3 SparkPoints: (46,016)
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7/19/13 12:33 P

sure anything can count for breakfast.

JLEMUS1 Posts: 4,054
7/19/13 12:29 P

Yes it can

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MOMMA2SKI SparkPoints: (35,527)
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7/19/13 10:30 A

sure, calories in count - no matter where they come from.

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7/19/13 10:30 A

Sure. Whatever floats your boat.

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THROOPER62 Posts: 22,696
7/19/13 10:26 A

I count mine as breakfast

MEXGAL1 SparkPoints: (356,246)
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7/19/13 10:03 A

I count mine as breakfast as it has hemp protein and everything in it I need

KITTY20 Posts: 7,476
7/19/13 7:56 A

Yes, as it is a good source for fruits and veggies as well as a dairy if you use yogurt in yours. I would add some protein also, as this will also help keep you full a little longer.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (185,511)
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7/19/13 7:51 A

there is no reason why anything should not count as breakfast as long as you portion control it.

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FAITHP44 Posts: 5,483
7/19/13 7:26 A

Sounds good, but I think you could get hungry and need a snack part way through the morning. Do you get Belvita breakfast biscuits where you live? they're just over 200 cals for a pack of 4 (or 2 if they're the yogurt sort.) They're fortified with a few extra vits and iron like breakfast cereals are. Why not keep a pack in your school bag in case you need something part way through the morning - it would save you going to the snack machine for something you might regret later!

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
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7/19/13 7:13 A

Well technically it could but your body needs more than that when you have breakfast....that is time to maximize your body's fuel tank.....remember you haven't eaten in 6 or 7 hours, so you gotta feed the machine. If you had some oatmeal with it that would be great!

WINDANCER99 Posts: 6,785
7/19/13 6:37 A

most definitely depending on what you put in it

7/19/13 5:37 A

I agree, just keep it low GI!

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7/19/13 2:19 A

Put healthy things in your smoothie and it'll be a good breakfast.

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TRACYDH SparkPoints: (23,913)
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7/18/13 11:21 P

it's definitely what's in the smoothie that counts!

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7/18/13 11:12 P


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7/18/13 10:49 P


ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (141,767)
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7/18/13 10:38 P

You sound young, it will do for awhile, but one day you will need more fiber to keep you "satisfied", and don't get one that is a fruity milkshake.

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7/18/13 10:26 P


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
7/18/13 10:25 P

Of course! It's food, just "drinkable form."

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7/18/13 10:05 P

I just want to know cause school is coming around and I need to think of stuff on the go

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