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2/9/11 10:34 P

I started to do the C25K running, but that was too much for my knees/shin splits, so I switched to doing it on the elliptical.
I found it wasn't the same as trying to run, so instead I put the elliptical on a 5K route, and each time I try to increase either my speed or the resistance (or both).

It's not the same as running, but it does help increase your cardio for when you do go for a run.

Good luck :)

2/9/11 9:35 P

I'm currently doing couch to 5k, on my 5th week. Elliptical is great cross training but not sufficient replacement for a run. I'd say try to make up the run another day. Also, I know I'm still a newbie at runing but I've grown to truly love it and during some rainier previous weeks I found a saying runners use and I love it "runners don't get rained out, they get rained on." Try running in different weather just prepare for it...runninginthe has perfect clothing gidelines for all weather temps

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1/23/11 1:20 P

I think that's an excellent idea for general fitness, and improving your cardiovascular fitness WILL help with your running.

However, as Zorbs says, it's not going to be a complete replacement for running training. Don't expect that if you can do the 5k on the elliptical you can therefore run 5k. Maybe you can, maybe you can't.

If you want to run a 5k, rather than just burn some calories and be generally fit, try to get at least one a week outside on the road. Bringing up your fitness and endurance with the elliptical, and yet doing a run once a week, would probably be close enough. You can do it any day of the program, just see what the weather's doing. If it's fine enough on any day, go outside! :)

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1/23/11 11:05 A

"I don't know if using the elliptical will be so different it'll cause problems adjusting."

Absolutely, yes.

There is a concept called The Principle of Specificity. Simply stated, in order to become good at an exercise, you must train doing that exercise. The elliptical will improve your cardio fitness, but nothing will teach you to run except running.

1/23/11 10:49 A

Has anyone done a Couch to 5K program on the elliptical? I'm going to start this week, but since the weather has made jogging outside dangerous, I'm going to use the elliptical.

Has anyone else used the elliptical, or would it be better to use the treadmill? I want to be able to make the switch to running outside when the weather is better but I don't know if using the elliptical will be so different it'll cause problems adjusting.

Thank you!

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